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The Best Post-Workout Foods For Proper Diet

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The Best Post-Workout Foods For Proper Diet

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The Best Post-Workout Foods For Proper Diet

This post is an obvious response to readers’ request after Best Pre-Workout Foods.

We sincerely try to help as many people as possible to become healthier. Even if just one of you is able to get inspired, shed weight and change your life, we will be satisfied that our hard work has been worth !

Trust me , its not easy to write a post on reader’s request after traveling 60 kms a day and working 9 hours in office. I am extremely attached to my blog not only because its a platform for me to express , but also because in such a short span of time, you have placed a trust in us. I feel answerable to you all ! Phew, getting too emotional today !

Anyway, let me give you a few options of foods that you can have after your workout. Please feel free to add more to the list by your comments.

Best Post-Workout Foods

Protein and carbs are the two ingredients in a good post-workout meal. You should have your post-workout meal within 20-40 minutes of cooling down.

  • Eggs have 70 calories each but pack 6.3 grams of protein. You can have boiled eggs immediately after workout since it hardly takes any time. You can also have egg salad, recipe here.
  • Banana has good carbs and pottasium too.
  • Salmon – protein + Omega 3 fattty acid
  • Fruits like Pineapple, Kiwi that are rich in anti-oxidants
  • Low fat yoghurt with fruit
  • Tuna – Low in fat, rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acid
  • Protein shake – I will update on a protein supplement soon.
  • Chicken with steamed veggies
  • Buttermilk – amazing drink to have after workout
  • Lastly, water. Have as much water as possible post workout


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