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The Top Eye Hospitals for Cataract Treatment

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The Top Eye Hospitals for Cataract Treatment

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The Top Eye Hospitals for Cataract Treatment

Let’s start with an important fact about cataracts: they are the leading cause of blindness globally. Cataracts occur when a cloud-like layer forms in the eye’s lens due to a lack of fibers and proteins. Seeking treatment at an eye hospital is crucial as cataracts can prevent the lens from sending proper signals to the brain, leading to gradual damage and potential blindness.

Understanding Cataracts: Definition & Symptoms

Cataracts develop over years, causing a gradual increase in severity. One major symptom is the appearance of a foggy layer in the eyes. Normally, light passes through the clear lens of the eye to send signals to the brain for proper vision interpretation.

With cataracts, a foggy formation clouds the lens, making it difficult to focus and send clear signals to the brain, impacting daily activities.

If you experience these symptoms, it’s essential to visit an eye hospital.

  • Impaired night vision affecting driving
  • Initial blurred vision
  • Difficulty in seeing colors clearly
  • Frequent changes in vision prescription
  • Double vision
  • Foggy vision

Types of Cataracts: A Closer Look

There are four main types of cataracts:

Type 1- Nuclear Cataracts

This type affects the center of the lens, initially causing short-sightedness and later leading to yellowing of the lens, further impairing vision. Prompt treatment at an eye hospital is crucial.

Type 2- Cortical Cataracts

Affecting the edges of the lens, this type shows white opacities at the lens periphery, which can spread to the center, affecting vision significantly if left untreated.

Type 3- Posterior Subcapsular Cataracts

This cataract impacts the back of the lens, starting small and enlarging over time. It can hinder night vision and reading ability, progressing faster than other types.

Type 4- Congenital Cataracts

Present from birth, this type may be caused by genetics, infection, or womb trauma. Early detection and treatment are critical to prevent further eye damage.

Preventing Cataracts

  • Regular Eye Check-ups

Frequent eye examinations at an eye hospital can detect cataracts early.

  • Diabetes Management

Those with medical conditions like diabetes should manage their health and have regular eye check-ups.

  • Healthy Diet

Including a variety of vegetables in your diet rich in antioxidants can promote overall eye health.

  • Limit Smoking and Alcohol

Reducing smoking and alcohol intake can help maintain eye health and hydration levels.

Discover Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital for Cataract Treatment

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