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The Best Midnight Snacks To Control Your Cravings

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The Best Midnight Snacks To Control Your Cravings

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The Best Midnight Snacks To Control Your Cravings

For me the most difficult time to deal with hunger pangs is midnight. I generally sleep late and recently I am trying to have early light dinner. The result, I start feeling super hungry by 11 which forces me to reach to the easiest and unhealthy options: chips or Maggie.  I swear I can pass my complete day eating clean but having a clean dinner and healthy snack has always been a challenge for me.

After a struggle with my eating habits, I found some snacks which are healthy, easy to have and tastes good. So today I wanted to share them with you so that you choose best for yourself.


Often thirst is misinterpreted as hunger. So first of all gobble down a glass of water before you much onto something else and wait for some time. If you still feel hungry opt for some other healthy option from the below list.


Easiest and nutritious option for any time snacking. When having a fruit do not think about calorie count or fat, since fruit has healthy calories which are vital for the body, so you can even have a banana. I generally fill a box with pomegranate seeds in the morning and have it whenever hungry.


Always have curd in fridge. It is the most healthy and easy on stomach snack. Have a bowl of curd and you are done. It’s filling and yummy. To make it heavier or to add flavour to plain curd, add some fruits. Strawberry and Kiwi are my favourite companions with curd.


Have a glass of warm milk. It’s healthy, nutritious and is known to induce sleep. I find warm milk more filling than cold, also it is said to be healthier.

Green Tea

A big cup of Green Tea can solve your problem with the additional benefits of increasing metabolism and intake of antioxidants.


Butter free popcorns are also a great choice. If the craving for something salty add a little amount of salt else skip it since salt is the reason for bloating, so try and reduce the intake of salt as much as possible.


The best option for the ones living away from home. I myself lived in a hostel. Staying up at night during exams was a common trend. So to satisfy my midnight craving when nothing else was available from canteen or mess, Chickpeas were my best companion. I always had it my bag to avoid any unhealthy unnecessary munching.


Always keep a jar full of nuts in your bedside drawer. Nuts are full of fibre thus keeping hunger pangs away for a longer period of time. Craving for chips can be replaced by peanuts


Keep fridge loaded with healthy stuff like sprouts for anytime preparation. Just chop few tomatoes, onions and any other vegetable you like. Mix sprouts, chopped vegetables, lemon juice, salt and pepper; sounds delicious.


Effortless option. Have a plate full of cucumber, tomatoes, carrots and reddish. Try new recipes using olive oil dressings to make salads more interesting.

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