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NooCube Review – Best Use For INSANE Boost?


NooCube Review – Best Use For INSANE Boost?

NooCube Review – Best Use For INSANE Boost?

What is NooCube?

NooCube is a nootropic supplement that’s meant to improve memory, mental speed, and overall focus. It’s suggested to use it daily to aid neurotransmitters to maintain their health. Clinical trials are provided for each of the individual ingredients used.

They add how effects can last up of 8 to 10 hours, and that it is safe to use. An intended advantage is results in as fast as 30 minutes of use. The top-rated nootropic of the year was found to be the stimulant free Memotenz.

It’s a powerful mix of natural ingredients that have studies to back up their usage. For testimonials and much more about the advantages of Memotenz.

NooCube Ingredients and Side Effects


Bacopa L-Tyrosine Cat’s Claw Oat Straw L-Theanine
Alpha GCP Huperzine A Vinpocetine Pterostilbene Magnesium Stearate

Bacopa: Herb used often in traditional Ayurvedic medicine that is used to help increase the production of chemical found in the brain. It is said to help with memory, thinking, and learning. This is also often used to help prevent the breakdown of brain cells which can lead to Alzheimer’s.

Potential symptoms it can lead to include:

  • Fatigue, bowel movements, and stomach cramps.
  • Nausea, dry mouth, and increased ulcer risk.

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Cat’s Claw: Vine native to parts of Latin America which can help the immune system and treat viruses.  This is considered safe to use in controlled amounts in the short term. This can cause symptoms such:

  • Vomiting, headaches and dizziness.

Oat Straw: Taken from green oats, this has a long history of use as a way to improve brain health. It is also added to help treat anxiety, sexual performance, and heart disease.

Alpha GCP: Used to support the output of power and improve cognitive function. This choline supplement is said to enhance the creation of growth hormone.

Huperzine A: Found from Chinese club moss, this chemical is added to help retain memory and improve learning, as well as combat the damages caused by Alzheimer’s.

Numerous potential side effects are possible, most notably:

  • Being unable to control urine, reduced heart rate, and loss of appetite.
  • Slurred speech, sweating, and blurred vision.
  • Loss of appetite, vomiting, and restlessness.

Vinpocetine: Extracted from the periwinkle plant, this chemical is limited in studies about tis effects. It is said to help protect the brain from injury, as well as increase blood flow near the brain.

It can potentially contribute to side effects such as:

  • Stomach pain, headaches, and nervousness.
  • Flushing around the face, sleep issues, and anxiety.

Pterostilbene: Found in foods such as blueberries and almonds, this is added to help reduce age related brain decline. This is similar to the antioxidant resveratrol.

Due to the lack of enough research, it’s impossible to predict if it’s truly as effective as it is claimed to be.  There is also lacking studies on what specific dosage strength should be.

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NooCube Quality of Ingredients

Some of the ingredients in this are wholesome, and they can contribute nootropic support. Most of what is included in more intended to help reduce cognitive decline, which often occurs as we age and during trauma.

There are also questionable ingredients like Pterostilbene which are lacking enough research. Other additives like vinpocetine have been shown to be potentially harmful.  When used in combination with other additives, this can raise the risk for unwanted symptoms.

While the formula is said to be studied to be safe, this can vary depending on the person who uses it.

It is good that no stimulants are used, but there still is a potential risk factor for some of these ingredients. Since some ingredients are lacking in enough studies, it makes it impossible to know for certain if all of what’s included will have nootropic benefits.

For a top 10 list of nootropics rated as the most effective, simply click on this link.

NooCube Price and Quality of NooCube

Up to 4 capsules a day can be taken which makes each 60 capsule bottle sold at $39.95 last 15 days. This can be broken down to a daily cost of $2.66.

These ingredients are often used in many other nootropic supplements. Some are wholesome, others are lacking enough studies, and there are also additives in this which may lead to side effects.

There’s also the important factor of this basic formula being often used in other brands. This can be found for cheaper if one were to source the additives individually. With this one could exclude the potential side effect causing additives, and only use proven ingredients. There are questionable additives which have yet to be proven effective.

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Business of NooCube

The name of the company is Wolfson Berg Limited and they can be reached below:

Address: Kiti, 7550, Larnaca Cyprus

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: (646) 568-9679

The company offers a return but only if one gives back the used bottles by 14 days of shipment.

The creators are described as a global manufacturer of nutraceuticals. Little else is known about them, and they have had no issues of scam like activities or FDA complaints.

Customer Opinions of NooCube

Reviews outside of the official website were difficult to find, but here is one online customer opinion:

“at this price point it does not seem like a worthwhile investment”

Still, there wasn’t enough support for this product online to ensure whether or not it is safe, effective, and long lasting. There needs to be a lot more user experiences to be able to see beforehand what the capabilities are.

It’s strange to find such a lack of online support, considering how well-touted the official website makes NooCube seem. There usually is a lot more online support for a brand like this that claims to be so positively reviewed. This leaves doubts as to the capabilities of this supplement. Featured here is our expert reviewed list of nootropics seen as the best of the year.

Conclusion – Does NooCube Work?

NooCube has a lot of ingredients used in it which are often added to other nootropics. While this may seem like a good balance of additives, some of them are lacking enough research to prove their worth. Some ingredients in this have also shown the ability to potentially cause side effects. Another concern is that first time users are not allowed to get their money back in the case of side effects, or a lack of cognitive benefits.

The most well-rounded nootropic made with natural, stimulant free ingredients is Memotenz. It has reviewed ingredients like DMAE, gingko biloba, and many other potent cognitive enhancing ingredients. There are also no unwanted preservatives or cheap additives used.

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