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Momcozy’s Kneading Lactation Massager- How Momcozy Has Struck a Chord with Millennials

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Momcozy’s Kneading Lactation Massager- How Momcozy Has Struck a Chord with Millennials

Parents are spoiled for choice when it comes to baby and maternity brands (Source: Envato)

Momcozy’s Kneading Lactation Massager- How Momcozy Has Struck a Chord with Millennials

New or expecting moms can be overwhelmed trying to keep track of the countless maternity and baby brands vying for their attention. Beyond those household name brands (Pampers, A Pea in the Pod, Burt’s Bees-just to name a very few!) it’s hard to find a brand that really stands out from the sea of competition.

So how does one separate itself from the pack in such a competitive landscape? We took a look at one brand, Momcozy, that has seemingly done just that, to see just how it found success.

The rise of a dark horse

Momcozy’s rise has happened in just a few short years. Perhaps best known for its top-selling wearable breast pump line, the brand’s success has also extended to its seamless nursing and pumping bras, which at the time of writing, hold the #1 and #3 positions in the ‘maternity nursing & maternity bra’ category on Amazon. Most recently, its newly launched Momcozy 3-in-1 Kneading Lactation Massager has made waves as the #1 selling new release under ‘breast pump accessories,’ reflecting the extension of the brand’s success to an impressive range of products.

Momcozy’s Kneading Lactation Massager ranks #1 for new releases in Breast Pump Accessories (Source: Amazon)

To understand a brand like Momcozy’s rise we should understand how it gained the trust and loyalty of its customer base- and no, we’re not just talking about moms. Every generation is different, and that’s especially true for the current one going through motherhood: Millennials. So what has Momcozy done to find success with this generation?

Millennial moms seek performance, comfort, and sleek design

As with anyone during their 20s and 30s, the lives of millennials at this stage are fast-paced. Naturally, performance and efficiency are important factors in finding products that can keep up with their demanding schedules. Comfort also becomes a top priority, as they look for products that provide the necessary ease and relaxation to balance out their busy lives. Finally, as a fashion-conscious generation, they place a high value on aesthetics, preferring products that not only perform well but also look good.

How does Momcozy’s newly released Kneading Lactation Massager stack up to these standards?

Built with 3 modes (heating, vibration, and kneading massage), all with a variety of settings, the feature packed massager was certainly built with efficiency in mind. Its small, sleek and ergonomical-looking package was designed with that minimal, comfort aesthetic that has captured the fashion consciousness of so many millennial women (think brands like LuluLemon and MATE). Its smaller size compared to other massagers also make for a smaller visual footprint when tucked into the wearer’s bra.

Source: Momcozy

Obviously, as with all lactation massagers, its primary function is to provide comfort and relief. But how well does it do it? As a follow-up to the well-regarded Amazon’s Choice recipient, Momcozy Warming Lactation Massager, the Kneading Massager looks to build on its past success. Judging from early Amazon reviews, the massager delivers well on this promise, with reviewers praising the added multifunctionality with the new massage function for providing relief.

Millennials seek brands that align with their values

In an era where views are often worn on peoples’ sleeves, millennials often choose companies that strongly reflect their values. It’s no longer enough for brands to simply sell products. They have to stand for something more, and prove it with meaningful actions.

Research on Momcozy reveals a brand vocal on raising awareness for and supporting moms struggling to meet their breastfeeding needs. While this seems obvious considering its products, a closer look reveals that Momcozy does in fact practice what they preach.

Just from a small snapshot from last year’s Breastfeeding Month, Momcozy teamed up with a local Arizona photographer for the annual ‘gASP! I’m Breastfeeding’ annual photoshoot, an event arranged to raise awareness for breastfeeding struggles and to show support and solidarity for public breastfeeding. Attracting 343 breastfeeding moms, Momcozy sponsored the event and gave away gift boxes to all those in attendance.

At the same time, the brand launched a ‘Learning is Caring’ Toolkit on its website. Serving as a resource, the toolkit features blog posts covering a wide variety of topics to help new and expectant moms through their pregnancy, early motherhood and breastfeeding journey.

More recently, Momcozy introduced the ‘Parachute Care Program’ for breastfeeding mothers, featuring a special discount for educators, first responders, medical professionals, and military personnel. This initiative serves as a gesture of gratitude for the invaluable service these community heroes provide.

From these examples, we can see a brand that actively pushes its values through social action, which likely has won over like-minded millennials.

Millennials respond to authentic social media marketing

In the online age, marketing is more targeted and personalized than ever. Its no surprise then that millennials gravitate towards brands with a more authentic online presence, that market and communicate to audiences as people and individuals, instead of just consumers.

Momcozy has done a lot here to build that authenticity. On its social media, the brand has put an emphasis on sharing real experiences, from encouraging moms to share their stories to its wealth of videos and photos shared by moms on multiple platforms.  With a hashtag volume of 650 million, the sentiment of community and shared experiences with its customers is particularly strong on TikTok.

Naturally, upon doing our deep dive on Momcozy, its Google ad videos also showed up on our YouTube feed. We saw more of the same here, with the bulk of its videos foregoing the traditional advertising route to share real experiences from real moms.

A fair portion of videos are from what many millennials use as their main voice in making purchasing decisions- influencers. With a robust network that spans multiple platforms, these influencers have most definitely amplified Momcozy’s message and bolstered its legitimacy amongst moms.

Momcozy often encourages moms to share their stories (Source: Instagram)


While success is far from guaranteed (especially in such a competitive industry as nursing and maternity), brands like Momcozy show that it’s certainly possible. While many other factors contribute to success, understanding one’s key demographic- and generation- is essential.

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