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Caridon Property Group Takes on Tough Mudder 10K Challenge

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Caridon Property Group Takes on Tough Mudder 10K Challenge

Caridon Property Group Takes on Tough Mudder 10K Challenge

Caridon Property Group was founded in 2009, and has grown to become a market leader in UK residential property, providing award-winning service to both landlords and tenants.

On 16th April 2023, five colleagues from Caridon Property Group took part in the Tough Mudder Challenge. Staged at Finsbury Park in North London, the event raised vital funding for Legacy Youth Zone, a charity that Caridon Property Group has been proud to support for many years. The team raised £952.

True to its name, the Tough Mudder Challenge pitched teams against a gruelling 25-obstacle, 10k endurance course that saw participants tackling monkey bars, climbing, crawling and wading through swathes of thick mud.

Caridon Property Group Marketing Co-ordinator Yasmin Lloyd, who took part in the event, explained that the group had done walks, runs and sleep outs in the past but conceded that Tough Mudder is a challenge you have to prepare for mentally and physically.

In the military-style assault course, contenders faced electric shock zones, cage crawls and an ice bath, as well as the 15ft ‘Ladder to Hell’. Given the heavy rainfall in April 2023, the course was all the more challenging. However, Yasmin Lloyd said it was all worth it, explaining that Legacy Youth Zone relies solely on fundraising and donations to provide young people with its exceptional services and support.

Occupying a purpose-built facility in Croydon, Legacy Youth Zone provides a safe, exciting and inclusive environment for young people, irrespective of their ability, background or household income. The venue boasts an extensive range of facilities, enabling young people to participate in a variety of positive, constructive and inspiring activities.

Legacy Youth Zone supports young people aged from 8 to 19, rising to 25 for those with disabilities, providing them with something to do, somewhere to go and someone to talk to – all for a 50p-per-visit admittance fee and £5 annual membership.

The charity supports young people in discovering what they want to do in life, opening doors to new opportunities and experiences while providing a safe place for young people to spend their time and make new friends. The Legacy Youth Zone team is on hand to inspire young people to lead healthier, more positive lives, helping them to raise their aspirations and become happy, responsible and caring citizens.

Sian from Legacy Youth Zone congratulated the team from Caridon Property Group on completing the 10K Tough Mudder, pointing out that they not only raised awareness for Legacy Youth Zone but also raised an incredible amount of money.

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