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A Mom’s Guide to Stress-Free Nursing and Pumping Amid the Festivities

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A Mom’s Guide to Stress-Free Nursing and Pumping Amid the Festivities

A Mom’s Guide to Stress-Free Nursing and Pumping Amid the Festivities

As the summer season rolls in with its warm sun and vibrant festivities, maintaining your nursing routine amidst the celebrations might feel a bit like trying to build a sandcastle against the tide. But it’s not all gloom and overheating. With the proper preparation to meet your and your baby’s breastfeeding or pumping needs, you too can have your fun in the sun.

This guide aims to help you navigate the summer festivity season, making nursing and pumping as stress-free as a cool summer breeze.

Preparing for the Outdoors

When preparing for summer festivities, the spotlight should shine brightly keeping your baby comfortable, well-nourished and hydrated. Consider their feeding routine and plan your day around it to ensure a well-fed, happy baby. With the summer heat thrown in the mix, you also want to have plenty of spare milk stocked up and at the ready to ensure your little one stays hydrated.

While this article is about nursing and pumping, we’d be remiss to not even mention the precautions needed to protect your little one from the heat. When planning your excursion, avoid times when the sun’s rays are at their most intense, usually between 10 am and 4 pm. Likewise, If the barometer is pushing over 90 (or 84 with 70% humidity) it’s best to keep the summer festivities inside to keep your little one safe.

On that same note, dress them (and yourself) in light, breathable fabrics, and apply baby-safe sunscreen to any exposed skin (both of you!) 30 minutes before heading out. And don’t forget that cute little sun hat!

What to Pack

Your nursing bag is your summer survival kit. Equip it with everything you and your baby might need: a breast pump, extra pump parts, a cooler bag for preserving milk, a nursing cover, sunscreen and hydration and snacks for you.

And let’s not forget your little one’s essentials: extra milk, diapers, wet wipes, a change of clothes, a sun hat, (UV-protected) baby sunglasses and more of that baby-safe sunscreen. Consider adding a favorite toy or comfort item to keep your baby entertained and comforted. And, if there’s room, a portable nursing pillow can be a lifesaver.

By packing right, you’re all set to face any summer event, your nursing bag ready to pull out solutions like a well-stocked magician’s hat.

Choosing and Using the Right Gear

When it comes to summer festivities, selecting the right gear for nursing or pumping can be as crucial as choosing that perfect cute sun hat. Especially in the heat of summer, a maternity bra that brings comfort and convenience is the name of the game.

If you’re nursing, Momcozy’s Seamless Nursing Bra offers comfort and practicality through its breathable, soft, and seamless design, enhanced by a one-handed clasp for easy access. For larger breast sizes Momcozy’s Seamless Floral Push-Up Nursing Bra offers extra room and comfort, featuring its jelly strip support design.

For those who pump, Momcozy’s 4-in-1 Hands-Free Pumping Bra ensures similar comfort and accessibility, compatible with all standard flanges and wearable breast pumps.

Navigating Summer Festivities

Now, that you’re out, seek out a comfortable spot for nursing or pumping—preferably with some shade, away from the noise. Remember, you’re a mother doing something entirely natural and legal–a polite, confident response can usually defuse any unsolicited criticism.

Taking Care of Yourself and Your Little One in the Heat

The summer sun, while delightful, demands our attention to hydration and nourishment. This is even more crucial for nursing moms and their little ones, transforming a mere picnic basket into a vital resource.

Dehydration can creep in unnoticed, especially when you’re busy nursing or pumping, so keep plenty of water on hand. A cool bottle of water can do wonders to keep you refreshed and your milk production optimal. Similarly, snacking will provide the energy you need to keep up with the festivities while taking care of your baby’s needs.

As for your baby, ensure they too are well-hydrated, according to their age-appropriate needs. Make sure you shield them from the summer sun whenever possible, and be sure to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. A well-shaded spot under a tree or an umbrella, a sun hat, or even a light muslin cloth can offer protection from harmful rays. Above all, closely monitor your little one for any signs of dehydration.

Enjoy Yourself!

Be flexible with your nursing or pumping schedule, and soak in the joy of the season. Remember, you’re part of the festivities too, and it’s essential to soak in the joy of the season, creating those beautiful memories with your baby.

Take small breaks when you need to, find a quiet corner to rest, or share the responsibility with a partner or friend when possible. After all, a happy, relaxed mom equals a happy, relaxed baby.


Summer is a time for celebration, so let’s embrace the season with enthusiasm and confidence. Keeping up your nursing routine amidst the festivities is not only doable but can also be a lot of fun. Remember the importance of preparation, the benefits of the right gear, and the need to keep your baby safe and comfy while also taking care of yourself. You’re doing an amazing job, mom. So let’s enjoy the summer festivities without breaking a sweat—well, without stressing anyway! For more information on Momcozy’s products, check out

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