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This Short Warmup Routine Is Perfect For You


This Short Warmup Routine Is Perfect For You

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This Short Warmup Routine Is Perfect For You

When you’re doing an at-home workout, the warmup tends to be one of those unspoken “I’ll skip just over that” portions of your sweat sesh.

But now that it’s running season (and especially if you’re training for a 5k or 10k in our four-week United States of Running program) warming up is something you’re definitely going to want to add back into your workout routine.

Take it from Nike trainer Traci Copeland, who is sharing her tips on how to warm up for a run in this week’s episode of Trainer of the Month Club with her seven-minute warmup routine designed to get your body loose so you’re ready to hit the ground running. (Sore muscles, you’re welcome.)

Before you jump into Copeland’s 10-move warmup, you need to prep correctly (yes, it’s sort of like the warmup to the warmup, but stick with us). “You want to make sure you have the right running shoes for you, so find out whether you supinate or pronate,” Copeland says. FYI: Supinate means you add more weight to the outside of your feet with each step, whereas pronate means you add more weight to the inside of your feet.

The final (but arguably most vital) portion of your warmup prep is music. Copeland prefers to slide on a pair of Bose Frames Tempo—bluetooth audio sunglasses that allow you to hear your go-to running tunes as well as your surroundings at the same time. Plus, they’re sweat- and weather-resistant, so no matter how much sunshine is beating down, your music (and eyes) are covered.

Follow along with the warmup routine in the video above, and check back next week for a core-boosting running workout to help you through your USOR training.

Here’s how to warm up for a run in just 10 moves:

1. Walking Hamstring Stretch

It’s like the classic Elle Woods bend-and-snap move, but rather than striking a pose at the top, you bend over to touch your toes, swoop upward, jog in place, then repeat.

2. Bottom-Up Squat

This one’s self explanatory, but rather than sending your bottom to your heels, start by bending over to touch your toes, then take that deep squat down, and raise your arms as you come up.

3. Side Squat

For this one, all you need to do is spread your feet a little wider apart, and start leaning side to side—going deeper each time to really give your legs the proper stretch they need before your run.

4. Knee Hugs

Self-love is important, so give your knees a big embrace. All you do is lift up your knee to your chest, hug it tightly against you, then switch. Even though this move is an easy one to burn through, take your time to really sink into each stretch.

5. Lunge Side Stretch

For this one, you’ll want to get into a lunge position with your left foot out, then take your opposite arm and stretch it over your head. Repeat with your right foot out, and continue switching sides until your 30 seconds are up.

6. Low Skips

Remember recklessly skipping through the house as a kid? Well, these are similar, but you don’t want your feet to come more than a few inches off the ground with each skip.

7. Butt Kick

Now, we’re focusing on the quads. Kick your heels to your butt as you jog from one side of your mat to the other. (You’ll notice your heart rate tick up after these for sure.)

8. High Knees

Either stay in place or jog yourself forward and back as you work to bring your knees to your chest. It’s not a race, but you should start picking up a little bit of speed with these.

9. A-Skip

If you’re already familiar with how to warm up for a run, this move is definitely something you’ve seen. You’ll want to drive your knee up toward your chest, and then take a little hop step as you switch to the other leg.

10. Power Skip

Build on the A-skip movement and finish strong with power skips. Like the name suggests, you want to shoot your knee up and jump at the same time to propel yourself upward. And now it’s time for you to hit the road.

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