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This Is How You Can Set Your Next Weight Loss Goal

Weight Loss

This Is How You Can Set Your Next Weight Loss Goal

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This Is How You Can Set Your Next Weight Loss Goal

And a lot more similar questions we receive every day. Generally, all the people who want ‘Quick’ results seem desperate to lose weight. I completely understand how it feels to be overweight. But we need to understand that a miracle won’t happen and we get rid of all the flab and achieve our best figure. We need to be patient and set realistic targets!

Generally, I keep a lot of patience while answering the queries to my readers but once I got irritated with a lady because she asked me the first question that you read above –  “How can I become slim in 15 days ?“. Did she gain all the weight in 15 days? She replied saying that she gained 10 kgs in 2 months and it would be okay if she can lose weight in 2 months. I told her that it is practically not possible to gain so much in such a short stint unless and until she has some medical issues. I also gained 10 kgs of weight in 10 months due to an ailment but 2 months is a very short time to gain so much!

When I told her to be patient, she was pissed ? I understand the urgency to lose weight but let’s be practical, we can’t lose weight without determination and putting sincere efforts. The flab just won’t vanish by a magic wand of some fairy!

If you are gaining weight suddenly, please read the reasons for this sudden gain here and the medical tests to be done here.

Weight Loss Goals; Tips to remember

Let’s see how to target your weight so that we are able to achieve them –

Find out a good reason to lose weight

If you are trying to lose weight only because you wish to wear butt shorts or a skimpy dress, forget it! This reason is just not good enough. Ask yourself if you just want to be slim or health and fitness is what you desire. A girl asked me to give her a tablet which could cut her fat. How can you eat any medicine without knowing its long term side effects just to shed a few kilos?

Where would you start your weight loss journey?

Find out where to start! You can start by giving up sugar, processed foods, oily food, and restaurant food. Take baby steps and write everything you would do to achieve your goal.

Set a realistic goal

If you wish to lose 10 kgs in 4 months, it is an ambitious target. If you are determined to do so, pat your back :). In my view, 6-8 months are okay to lose 10 kgs weight.

Split your end goal into short term goals

Take the above example. If you wish to achieve 10 kgs weight loss in 4 months, your first-month target should be 10/4 = 2.5 kgs. But since you would lose faster in the beginning and slower towards the end, target 3-4 kgs in the first month and 1 kg per week.

Having short term goals not only give your determination but help in measuring your success too!

How are you going to start?

When you find the answer to this question, you are ready to get set and go.

What are the problems which you can face?

List all the hurdles that you can face during your weight loss journey and find the possible solutions to prevent or solve them.

Create a workout schedule for 15 days

Unless you create a workout plan, you are never going to be serious during workouts.

What will you do if you do not achieve your goal?

Decide a punishment for yourself if you miss your short term goal. Trust me, it helps!

How will you reward yourself if you achieve your goal?

Yeeeeeeeee :), you can relish your favorite pastry or chocolate if you hit your target :)! Celebrating your success and rewarding yourself will help you keep going.

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