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This Is How You Can Restrict Calorie Intake Under 1200 Without Starving

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This Is How You Can Restrict Calorie Intake Under 1200 Without Starving

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This Is How You Can Restrict Calorie Intake Under 1200 Without Starving

As an individual on a weight loss journey, the most difficult thing I have found had been staying under 1200 calories yet making my tummy feel happy. I am sure most of us struggle with how to control calorie intake under 1200 without starving.

 Most of the people who have succeeded in losing weight would agree that low-calorie diets don’t work. When a person reduces calorie intake below a certain limit, he/she is likely to shed weight for a few days followed by a stall. The metabolism of the body drops in order to adjust to low-calorie intake and hence body starts conserving energy. Therefore, no weight loss happens after a few days and the person feels weak, gets irritated, and stops dieting. When he/she gets back to normal food, weight shoots up again!

People especially women who eat more than 1200 calories a day and don’t burn any, may not be able to lose weight. Hence it is important to neither eat too little nor eat too much. That benchmark is considered to be 1200 calories which fit the ball for most of the people.

Here is how to restrict calorie intake under 1200 without starving

1. Follow Intermittent Fasting to restrict calorie consumption under 1200

Also known as IF, its an easy way to control calories below 1200. As per this technique, you are allowed to eat all the meals during a window of 8-10 hours and fast rest of the hours. I have used this technique and followed the technique of having early dinner and later breakfast. I would finish my dinner by 8 pm and have the next meal at 1 pm. For breakfast, I would settle with a cup of BPC-bullet proof coffee.

2. Control portion of fats

Fats are densely packed with calories. One tablespoon of ghee would have as much as 100 calories and hence its easy to overdo calories with fats. Another example could be overdoing calories with nuts. Just a handful of nuts are sufficient to roar your calorie intake above your daily quota of 1200.

3. Control sweets

Sweets are rather more dangerous. One scoop of ice-cream could be as much as 400-500 calories which are one third your daily calorie limit. The same goes for mithai as well. Calories from fats are way better than calories from sweets. Please do read the post on why not all calories are the same here.

4. Have water first when hungry

Most of the time when we feel hungry, what we feel is not hunger but thirst. Have a glass of water when you are hungry and wait for a while.  If you are still hungry, go ahead and eat.

5. Have more fiber-rich foods

Fiber-rich foods fill up the tummy in a very few calories. Have a glass of water after having a bowl of salad, most likely you will feel full. It’s a great idea to add fiber to all your meals in the form of salad, seeds, green vegetables, whole grains like brown rice, etc.

If you follow the tips above, you can easily have 3 main meals with 3 mid meals under 1200 calories. These were the easiest ways any novice can do. Try them out and let us know what difference you felt!

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