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Testo Genix XL Review – Does It Work & Safe?


Testo Genix XL Review – Does It Work & Safe?

Testo Genix XL Review – Does It Work & Safe?

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About Testo Genix XL

Testo Genix XL is an organic testosterone booster that is primarily marketed as a supplement to build muscles. It can increase your muscle mass and strength, and it can give you the motivation to exercise for longer.

In addition, it may help with muscle recovery. This product can also help your body burn fat, so you lose weight.

Testo Genix XL Ingredients – The Breakdown

There are several main substances included in this muscle-building supplement.

Some of the primary active ingredients include:

  • Eurycoma Longfolia – This is an evergreen tree called Tongkat Ali. It can increase the amount of testosterone in your body, building muscle mass, and strength. Research in Experimental Animals examined castrated male rats that ingested this plant. They found that it was effective at decreasing sexual dysfunction.
  • Wild Yam Root – This is a plant which includes the chemical diosgenin. It’s similar to some hormones in the body. Science Direct states that yam may increase testosterone levels. For this reason, it can also help build muscle mass and strength.
  • Nettle Root Extract – This is a herb called ‘stinging nettle.’ It has medicinal benefits such as lowering blood pressure and blood sugar and helping to reduce weight. Work published in Planta Medica has found that nettle extract is an effective treatment for the unpleasant symptoms that follow the enlargement of the prostate.

How Does It Work? | The Science Behind Testo Genix XL

The ingredients in this supplement increase the amount of testosterone in your system. This may help build muscle mass.

Other substances help with exercise recovery. It will also increase sexual libido.

A study in the Journal of Applied Physiology showed the effect of testosterone on building muscle mass.

Testo Genix XL Pros & Cons


  • This product can build up your muscles.
  • It can develop your physical stamina.
  • This supplement can help you burn fat and lose weight.
  • It can provide you with additional energy.
  • The product can boost muscle recovery.
  • It can boost your levels of testosterone.


  • This product is very expensive.
  • You may experience side effects like sweating, breathing too quick, headache, dizziness, yellowed skin, and unusually quick heartbeat.
  • These are large pills which may be hard to swallow.

Customer Questions and Answers

Q: How to Use Testo Genix XL?

A: There’s no information about dosage. However, a one-month supply contains 60 capsules, so we can assume the recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day.

CAUTION: Do not take more than this dosage under any circumstances.

Q: Does Testo Genix XL Have Any Side Effects?

A: There are some side effects associated with this product, which include profuse sweating, breathing too quick, headache, dizziness, yellowed skin, and unusually quick heartbeat.

Q: Can I Take Testo Genix XL If I Have A Health Condition?

A: There are no specific health conditions that prevent this supplement from being taken. However, you must go to a doctor to get medical clearance before you start taking this supplement.

Q: Does Testo Genix XL Work?

A: There are no customer reviews of this product online, so we have no way of knowing the efficacy of the product.

Q: What Is Testo Genix XL Moneyback Guarantee, Return & Refund Policy?

A: The manufacturer has a 30-day return policy which only applies to one unopened bottle. You can’t get a refund on opened bottles.

If you want a refund please let the company know and return the product within 30 days from the original date of purchase. You will get a full refund, minus the shipping costs for shipment.

Testo Genix XL Alternatives

Brand Price Active Ingredients
Testo Genix XL $89.99 Eurycoma Longfolia, Nettle Root Extract, Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam Root, Bovine Orchid, Sarsaparilla
Male Extra $65.00 Pomegranate, Methyl Sufonyl Methane, L-arginine, Zinc, Creatine, Cordyceps
TestoMax200 $59.99 Eurycoma Longifolia, Ginger Root and Ginkgo Biloba
Testogen $54.95 Fenugreek Extract, D-aspartic Acid, Red Ginseng Extract, magnesium
Nugenix $69.99 plus $4.99 S&H Tribulus Terrestris, Zinc, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, L-Citrulline Malate
Barbarian XL $49.00 Ashwagandha, Tongkat Ali, Boswellia resin extract, Korean red Ginseng, Shilajit
Extend Force XL Unknown Tongkat Ali, ginger

Testo Genix XL is one of the more expensive testosterone boosters on the market.

There’s quite a big overlap in ingredients, so there’s so real justification for the elevated price.

Is Testo Genix XL Safe? – Warnings & Complaints

Based on the ingredients included, this product is quite safe as per the manufacturer claims.

CAUTION: Heed the potential side effects, and make sure you check with a physician before using this product.

Testo Genix XL Customer Reviews & Results

There are no reviews of this product online, so we can’t get any idea at all about customer opinion of its efficacy and downfalls.

Testo Genix XL: Packages, Deals, Prices & Where to Buy It

You may order the product via the official website of the manufacturer. You sign up for the free trial and you pay a $4.99 shipping fee. You will be put into the auto-shipping system after the 15-day trial, and priced at $89.99 for a bottle a month.

The prices if you buy the product directly, without the free trial are as follows:

  • 1 bottle – $89.99
  • 3 bottles – $149.97
  • 5 bottles – $199.95

The Bottom Line

Testo Genix XL is an organic supplement meant to build up the muscles and assist in exercise recovery. Sadly, there are no reviews of this product online, so we don’t know what customers think of it.

The products are relatively typical of a testosterone producer. The cost, though, is far greater than many other brands. This drug contains several possible side effects that could occur.

WARNING: If you experience any unpleasant side effects, stop taking the supplement immediately and see a physician if necessary. Before you begin taking this supplement, see your doctor and make sure it’s medically suitable for you.

Is There Anything Else You Should Know About Testo Genix XL?

Testo Genix XL is a aid to muscle building which can add to your workouts. Hopefully, this will help you achieve your goals for workouts and your body. There are also other ways to support muscles build up.

Here are some tips:

  • Eat plenty of protein to build up your muscles.
  • Increase the volume of your workout training.
  • Decrease the rest intervals in your workout.
  • Make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep.

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