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Importance of Breakfast in a Life!

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Importance of Breakfast in a Life!

Importance of Breakfast in a Life!

“Breakfast” is said to be the most important meal of the day. As the name suggests, breakfast breaks the fasting period observed overnight during the 8-10 hour sleep period. Breakfast being the starting meal of the day is a way to the body’s replenishment to start another day from zero, as the body has already got rid of the waste from the food that was previously eaten.

Many studies have shown that breakfast is a source of glucose supply to boost one ‘s energy and alertness, while also providing other essential nutrients needed for good health. Insufficient or no breakfast would otherwise disrupt the metabolism rate if the regime does not comply with the schedule. No breakfast consumption could make one feel sluggish and struggle to focus on things.

The lack of energy and the study also suggest that having breakfast does not affect mental productivity. It could affect one’s attention, focus, concentration , and memory, reducing one ‘s productivity by performing even small tasks that would not even require that much effort.

Breakfast and weight loss

Does skipping breakfast helps to reduce weight? The answer is both Yes and No.
There goes a great saying “Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper”, signifying the proportion of food intake for the various meals of the day. The fact is that our body requires some amount of food to develop energy every day. That’s where calories play an important role.

Now to breakdown those calories intake, we have meals at different times of the day, for example, if one skips breakfast at 8 am and get cravings for some snacks at 11 am and consume junk food, that again kills the hunger for lunch, and thus leading to the inadequate planning of food intake. Also, if one is planning to compensate for the intake during lunch that has been skipped during breakfast, that doesn’t work either.

Whichever method one chooses, it’s important to keep the intake in check. If one eats breakfast to lose weight, then it needs to be monitored the portion sizes and keeping the breakfast calorie count in check. And if one skips breakfast to lose weight, then one can’t overeat at lunch or dinner time to compensate. In the end, it’s the total number of calories consumed that matters—not the meal in which they are consumed.

How can breakfast help to control weight

Keeping portion control and glucose energy levels balanced, consuming Breakfast can be proved beneficial in losing weight. Let’s understand the reasons and its results:

  1. Act as craving deterrent: High protein breakfast can help curb late-morning cravings. These cravings often lead to rather an unhealthy food binges or “munchies” that are high-calorie junk food. These foods consist of high-level sugar, starch, fats, and work as appetizers which soon leaves one hungry and adds up to another batch of cravings. Thus, healthy and sufficient breakfast can help to cut down the cravings and avoid unhealthy food binge intervals that ultimately serve as an important factor in gaining weight.
  2. Helps to reinforce portion control: Weight control depends upon the proportion of intake during one’s meal consumption. Eating a sufficient breakfast can help to emphasize portion control. The basic idea is to eat reasonable portions throughout the day to reduce the chance of overeating at lunch, supper, or dinner to compensate for the calorie inadequacy. Breakfast is that meal of the day which serves as a fuel to start a day. If there is inadequacy to this meal of the day, then there are high chances that the whole day meals cannot go as per plan leading to disturbed routine and might invite fats through overeating the wrong food.
    Hence, breakfast can not only be a smart way to help reduce weight, but it’s also the most effective way to maintain weight once one reached the target.
  3. Provides satiation: Eating a healthy protein breakfast helps to feel full and fresh throughout the day. Eating suffice breakfast in the morning maintains steady blood sugar levels—takes longer to digest, which helps feel full for a longer period. Losing weight never comes with a condition to not eat adequately. But what it demands is whatever one eats in any meal of the day should be healthy and not a contribution to increasing fats. Some foods might make one feel satiated at the very moment but are not good for energy levels. Thus choosing the right food for a morning meal that provides satiation can help one eat reasonable food in other meals of the day. Thus, it maintains a proper plan of the whole day meals and doesn’t disturb a healthy routine and ultimately controls weight.
  4. Provides balanced glucose levels: Breakfast’s primary goal is to provide glucose to the body every morning to perform the activities initially and throughout the day too. A study suggests that skipping breakfast has effects on metabolism and glycemic control (1). The Glycemic response indicates the change in the levels of blood sugar (glucose) after the consumption of food or any meal. An increased glycemic response can lead to weight gain. Thus, a heavy and healthy breakfast is much required for balance sugar levels and control glycemic levels to control weight.
  5. Fuel for physical and mental activities: Eating breakfast may improve performance during the morning or early afternoon workouts. Breakfast fuels up exercise sessions and also helps to work harder during routine workouts and boost the calories burn. Not only physically but breakfast serves as a fuel to carry out activities with more attention, concentration, and focus.

Healthy breakfast choices that can help lose weight

  1. Whole grain: Studies suggest breakfast should be included in whole-grain. Some examples are rolls, whole-grain cereals, whole-grain sweet English bread, and whole-grain waffles. The whole-grain foods include wheat germs which are high in fiber. Cereal fiber may help reduce appetite, decrease the risk of weight gain, and keep blood sugar levels stable.
  2. Protein-rich: Protein-rich breakfast helps to curb cravings and sugar crashes at bay. Foods such as lean meat, eggs, nuts, and the legumes. Nuts are high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats. Studies show that adding nuts to the diet may increase weight loss.
  3. Fruits, veggies, and dry nuts: Fruits are rich in fluids and help to maintain water levels in the body. It is always recommended to keep water levels high in the body to maintain weight and stay hydrated—foods such as frozen fruits or even fresh ones, and vegetables. Fruit juice drinks without added sugar, vegetable fluids, salads, and smoothies are rich in proteins that help to feel satiate and are proved healthy too.
  4. Oatmeals: Oatmeal can help lose weight in two ways. First, it’s packed with fiber, and it keeps the hunger feeling away for a long duration. Secondly, research proves that eating a breakfast that slowly releases carbohydrates-such as oats or grain cereal a few hours before an exercise may help burn more body fat. Weight gain involves the fat spread in the body and to reduce this fat is the only way to control weight.
  5. Low-fat dairy products: Dairy products should be chosen carefully, as most go-to options but can prove harmful too. Healthy low-fat products examples include milk, plain or lower sugar yogurts, and low-fat cheeses, such as cottage cheese and natural cheeses.

In addition to one’s dietary plans, one can use Phen24 weight loss formula that assists in accelerating the healthy weight and feeling better through their two-time doses.


Irrespective of weight gain or weight loss, breakfast is recommended to an individual as an important meal in the morning to maintain the glucose and metabolism levels. These levels help to run the mechanism of the body and don’t make one feel sluggish and weak throughout the day.

Studies suggest, when consuming the breakfast in the morning, must consider food selections not only helps in filling the hunger but also provide the required adequate nutrients to the body. A proper selection of the choice of food that is consumed helps to reduce the hunger cravings, enabling the metabolic activity for the day in a healthy manner.

Does skipping breakfast reduces weight or not depends upon individual choices of the portion control. But one thing that is guaranteed when one consumes healthy breakfast is that it helps to avoid excessive eating in the other meals of the day and helps to control weight by keeping a tight check on appetite, providing energy, and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

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