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Expert Opinion: How to Overcome the Keto Plateau

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Expert Opinion: How to Overcome the Keto Plateau

Expert Opinion: How to Overcome the Keto Plateau

You are doing everything right. You’re following the Ketogenic diet for weight loss just each and every day. You was losing weight butout of nowhere, you have ceased entirely. You have been the exact same weight for weeks on end! If this scenario sounds familiar, the Keto plateau could be to blame. Here is how to overcome it.

What is the Keto Plateau?

Has your weight loss on Keto suddenly stalled? If so, you may be experiencing the dreaded Keto plateau. This happens when your body adapts to your new eating plan. So, while you may lose a lot of weight at the start of your Keto journey, you could find that this decreases the longer you follow the diet.

The reason is that your body wants to keep your weight levels stable. That means that when you start eating more food, your metabolic rate will naturally get faster. However, when you diet, your metabolism gets slower.

Why Does it Even Occur?

Woman on keto plateau using weight scale and measuring tape
The Keto plateau is a barrier that can be overcome by making some small and simple changes.

Let’s take a quick look at the science
here. If you cut down your calorie intake and maintain that pattern for a long
period, your body will go into what’s known as “adaptive thermogenesis”.[1] Put
simply, this means that your body will have a lower metabolism, which is why
you may see a decline in your overall weight loss. Since your metabolism
directly affects how much fat your body burns, the slower it gets, the less you

Unsurprisingly, the weight loss plateau on Keto can be frustrating. If you’re following the plan guidelines, this issue could prove hard to overcome. Luckily, you don’t have to resign yourself to the Keto plateau. There are certain things that you can do which will help you to deal with the issue head-on. Making some small and simple changes to the way you are eating and how you manage the plan could make a huge difference here.

How Do I Know if I am Experiencing it?

Not sure whether you’re experiencing the Keto plateau or not? The easiest way to tell is to monitor your weight on a daily basis. You can weigh yourself at home or use some scales at your local gym. If you have stayed the same weight for a period of weeks, when you’re trying to slim down, the chances are that the plateau has taken effect. Keep in mind that having a few “off days” is not a sign of the Keto plateau. You should stick with the plan and see whether that changes after a while.

What Can I Do to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau on Keto?

Woman on scale trying to overcome Keto weight loss plateau
Follow the expert tips below to finally break the Keto plateau!

Do you think that you’ve hit a weight loss plateau on Keto? If that is the case, you need to take action sooner rather than later. The good news is that the plateau won’t last forever. What’s more, there are things you can do to help. Follow these excellent expert tips to overcome the problem once and for all.

1. Track your ketone levels

As most people know, the whole point of the Keto diet is to increase the ketone levels in your body.[2] Making sure that the production of these is high will help you when it comes to your Keto plateau. You can actually get ketone testing kits that you can use at home. These are super simple to use and only take a couple of minutes each time. Investing in a kit and using it to monitor your levels could be the key.

2. Get enough exercise

Are you an active person? Whenever you’re following a diet plan, you should also make sure that you get enough exercise on a day-to-day basis. Research published in the US National Library of Medicine suggests that working out can help people get into ketosis.[3] With that logic in mind, you should find that hitting the gym helps you to get back into the flow and overcome your Keto plateau quickly and easily.

woman running on a treadmill to overcome keto weight loss plateau

3. Avoid eating too much

While the Keto diet is not a calorie-control plan, you should still make sure that you’re exercising portion control. The plan is high in fat and protein. That means that overeating on this diet could be unwise. Should you find that you’ve stopped losing weight on the Keto diet, you need to make sure that you are eating the correct amount. Reassess how large your meals are and ensure that they are not too big for your body’s needs.

4. Eating too many treats

One of the best things about the Keto diet is that you can have treats on it. For example, you can make your own Keto brownies, pancakes, and more. While these sweet desserts are okay to have now and then, you shouldn’t eat them all the time. These tend to be high in calories, which may mean that you actually end up putting on weight.

keto cakes and a measuring tape
While delicious Keto recipes may make it tempting to overeat, make sure you stick to the guidelines of this diet!

5. Avoid relying on shortcuts

Looking for a fast-track way to lose weight? You might be disappointed. Using Keto weight loss pills or supplements is not the way to go here. These may give you a quick fix but it’s unlikely to last all that long. Instead, you should make sure that you follow the guidelines of the diet properly and exercise on a regular basis. The point is that you want to get out of the Keto plateau as soon as possible which will take hard work and dedication.

6. Get enough sleep each night

Do you sleep well at the moment? If you find yourself tossing and turning all night long, that could be part of the cause of your Keto plateau. Research published in the US National Library of Medicine suggests that failing to get enough sleep at night can lead to weight gain.[4] If you’re not prioritizing your night-time routine, you may need to change your ways. Getting rest is vital to your health and weight maintenance.

Long Does the Keto Plateau Last?

Woman looking at a clock wondering how long her Keto plateau will last
It’s quite common to find yourself in a Keto plateau at around six to nine months into the diet.

If you are experiencing the Keto plateau, you may be wondering how long it lasts. There is no hard and fast rule for when the weight loss plateau on Keto happens. However, many people find that this stall happens around six to nine months into their diet plan. Usually, you will find that the plateau lasts for a few weeks at a time.

Of course, each and every person is
different. When this issue happens will depend largely on your health, how
closely you follow the diet plan and how your body reacts to it. For that
reason, you may find that your plateau lasts a different period or that
experience the plateau at a different time altogether. It’s a highly flexible


Are you struggling with the awful Keto plateau? If you are, the key here is not to panic. Many dieters experience this problem at some point in their weight loss journey. Thankfully, by following these expert tips, you can start to do something about it sooner rather than later. Don’t wait any longer! Take control today and start taking control of your diet plan. Before you know it, you will have beaten the plateau for good.

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