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Drinking-Water During Workout, Good or Bad?

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Drinking-Water During Workout, Good or Bad?

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Drinking-Water During Workout, Good or Bad?

We all get thirsty while doing any physical activity, especially in a hot climate or while doing a very intense work out.

Here we try to answer some questions about Drinking Water During Workout.

  • Is it advisable to drink water during our workout?

  • If yes, how much water should one drink?
  • When should one drink water when on a working out routine?

I remember when I joined gym for the first time during summer break while I was in engineering second year( seems like ages before :P). The trainer said not to drink water during workout. When I look back now, I realise that he showcased water loss during workout as weight loss n fools like me believed it!

Drinking water during workout depends on a lot of factors – the intensity and duration of your workout, temperature etc. All these factors govern how much fluid/water you lose during workout.

Is Drinking Water During Workout good for body ?

It is recommended to drink small to moderate quantity of fluid during a workout. This will help you to keep going. If you are working out, you need to know how to drink water effectively to prevent dehydration. Water is essential while working out because it helps to release toxins from your muscles. Your muscles can be dehydrated and start cramping if you don’t drink enough water.

How much water and when ?

You shouldn’t wait to drink water until you start working out.Ideally you should have water three times –

Before Exercise

Waiting to drink water just before workout is a blunder! Its because the water that time that you drink won’t be effective.You need to be well hydrated before workout. So,drink water two to three hours before workout to hydrate your body properly. This gives your body ample amount of time to get hydrated and prepare for a workout. When you start sweating after a couple of minutes, the water comes from what you drank before workout.

During Exercise

As you sweat, the reserve of water that you drank before workout gets exhausted. Make sure that you drink about 8 ounces of water for every 10 minutes that you work out. You need not take a water break every 10 minutes ? , you can just keep sipping as and when you get an opportunity ! Avoid taking huge gulps of water, though, and avoid taking in too much water during a single break.

After Exercise

When you finish working out, your body still needs water to replenish the amount of water that you lost during your exercise. Make sure that your muscles heal by staying hydrated later on.

So, drink water to your heart’s content. You will protect your body and especially muscles from dehydration by drinking water.

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