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DIY Natural Makeup Hacks You Should Try Out


DIY Natural Makeup Hacks You Should Try Out

DIY Natural Makeup Hacks You Should Try Out

**DIY Natural Makeup Hacks You Should Try Out**
Makeup can be expensive and a bit challenging. Losing a new mascara to clumps or wasting money trying to find the right products can be frustrating. These DIY makeup hacks are here to save the day. You can achieve the look you desire without breaking the bank!

**The Magic Of Coconut Oil**
Coconut oil has gained popularity for its multiple benefits. It works wonders as a moisturizer and can effectively remove waterproof makeup like liquid eyeliner and mascara. Swap your makeup wipes for coconut oil and experience the difference.

![Image by Tijana Drndarski via Pexels](

**Lush Lashes**
Want longer, thicker lashes? Try dusting translucent powder on your lashes after the first coat of mascara for a fuller look. Applying a second coat on the powder can instantly enhance the volume of your lashes. Also, when using false lashes, let the glue dry for a few moments before applying for better adherence.

**Make The Most Of Your Mascara**
To maintain your lashes’ health, it’s vital to care for your mascara. Over time, mascara can become thick and prone to clumping. You can revive it by adding a few drops of saline or using hot water to thin it out. Remember to clean your mascara wand regularly to prevent clumps.

![Image by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels](

**Brush Up On Your Brushes**
Clean makeup brushes are essential for flawless makeup application and skin health. Depending on how frequently you wear makeup, wash your brushes weekly if you wear makeup daily, or two to three times a month if you wear it less often.

**Next-Level Tint**
Create your tinted moisturizer with sun protection by mixing your SPF moisturizer with foundation gradually until you achieve your desired tint. This way, you have control over the coverage and ingredients in your moisturizer. For an added glow, consider mixing in a few drops of bronzer.

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