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The Best Footwear to Pair With Your Denim


The Best Footwear to Pair With Your Denim

The Best Footwear to Pair With Your Denim

After finding that perfect pair of jeans that fits just right, the next step is picking out the ideal shoes to complement your look. Whether you’re aiming for a casual or dressed-up style, we’ve got you covered with some fantastic shoe options to match your denim.

From knee-length shorts to midi skirts and high-waist fits, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the finest shoes to wear with jeans and other denim styles—and we’ve included where you can purchase them!

Pair Straight-leg Jeans With Chunky Dad Sneakers for a Classic Look

For an outfit that never fails, pair straight-leg jeans with some chunky dad sneakers. To mix things up, you can cuff the ends or let them drape over the shoes for a laid-back, floor-skimming appearance.

Wear Walking Sandals with Baggy Vintage Pants for a Stylish Twist

Combine non-stretch vintage jeans with black slides for a surprisingly chic and modern ensemble. Whether you opt for high-rise or low-slung jeans, this look exudes ease and comfort effortlessly.

Pair High-waisted Jeans with Striking Heels for a Glamorous Touch

For a chic blend of casual and classy, team high-waisted jeans with eye-catching heels. Embrace boldness by contrasting light or dark denim with elegant heels for a sophisticated look.

Image by Jill Burrow via Pexels


Rock Flared Hem Jeans with Heeled Booties for Leg-lengthening Elegance

Flares and heeled booties are perfect for showing off your legs. Not only do they create an elongated look, but the heels add the extra height you need to avoid alterations. Go for a Western-inspired boot to match the ’70s vibe and stay on-trend.

Combine Bermuda Jean Shorts with Square-toe Sandals for Effortless Style

You don’t have to be tall to pull off knee-length shorts as showcased in this style. Pair oversized button-down shirts and heeled sandals for a refined summer look that transitions seamlessly from day to night.

Match Skinny Pants with Open-toed Shoes for a Chic Look

Mules or clogs combined with skinny jeans are a current trend, offering a fresh and trendy style. This unexpected pairing provides a hassle-free yet fashionable ensemble for any morning rush.


Pair a Denim Skirt with Knee-high Boots for a Versatile Look

While styling a denim skirt can be tricky, it effortlessly pairs with knee-high boots, whether for a summer outfit with a sleeveless vest or a fall look with a cozy cashmere sweater.

Sport Cutoff Denim with Bright Slide Sandals for a Playful Touch

Denim cutoffs are a favorite summer staple that pairs perfectly with statement slides to elevate a simple look.

Dress Distressed Jeans up with Platform Loafers for Effortless Elegance

Platform loafers offer a casual yet sophisticated way to enhance distressed denim without opting for heels. Choose loafers in standout colors or with unique details to elevate your outfit.

Image by Castorly Stock via Pexels


Team Slim-fit Jeans with Chunky Boots for a Celebrity-inspired Look

Chunky boots are a must-have year-round staple. Whether featuring a lug sole, block heel, or laces, they offer endless styling possibilities with slim-fit jeans for a ’90s-inspired flair.

Pair White Jeans with Leather Boots for an Edgy Appeal

Leather boots, with or without heels, add a touch of edge to cream or white denim, making these light washes suitable for any season. Break the fashion rules and rock white denim all year round.

Bottom Line

Selecting the perfect shoes to complement your outfit can be challenging, but it’s essential to find a balance between comfort and style. Slides are versatile and easy to match with various outfits due to their simplicity. Keep these style tips in mind to effortlessly pair your shoes with your attire, making the process more fun and enjoyable. Remember, fashion is about self-expression, so don’t be afraid to be bold and creative when putting together your looks.


Featured Image by Anna Shvets via Pexels

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