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These 3 Common Skin Care Practices To Avoid, As Advised By a Dermatologist


These 3 Common Skin Care Practices To Avoid, As Advised By a Dermatologist

These 3 Common Skin Care Practices To Avoid, As Advised By a Dermatologist

While beauty hacks can be tempting, there are certain skincare practices that are popular but shouldn’t be endorsed. According to a dermatologist prominent on TikTok, many social media trends should not find a place in our skincare routines. The current trend leans heavily towards natural beauty, but it’s crucial to understand that natural doesn’t necessarily equate to better, as emphasized by the Doctor. Below are three popular natural skin-care “hacks” that he recommends avoiding, along with better alternatives to consider.

Don’t: Using Honey for Acne

Do: Opt for Benzoyl Peroxide instead

Although honey boasts antibacterial properties and is often referred to as “liquid gold,” its efficacy is limited. A more effective alternative recommended by the dermatologist is benzoyl peroxide. While honey may aid in skin wound healing, clinical studies have confirmed benzoyl peroxide as an efficient primary treatment for acne. Save the honey for your tea and explore benzoyl peroxide for acne management.

Don’t: Using Lemon Juice for Dark Spots

Do: Consider Tretinoin, Hydroquinone, and Azelaic Acid

While it’s a common belief that dark spots can be improved with vitamin C-rich serums like lemon juice, the dermatologist advises against this practice due to potential skin irritation. Instead, opt for his recommended solutions: tretinoin, hydroquinone, and azelaic acid. Tretinoin boosts cellular turnover, aiding in skin brightening by inhibiting melanin production. Hydroquinone is a skin bleaching agent, and azelaic acid, a mild acid, helps in lightening acne-induced hyperpigmentation.

Don’t: Using Tape for Wrinkles

Do: Utilize Tretinoin and SPF Protection

While tape can restrict facial movements akin to Botox, its effectiveness in smoothing wrinkles is limited according to the dermatologist. Instead, opt for the more efficient tretinoin (a form of retinol) and the essential dermatological requirement: sunscreen. Research indicates that consistent sunscreen application can effectively slow down and potentially reverse signs of aging. By incorporating SPF into your daily routine, you can effectively delay the onset of wrinkles, eliminating the need for tape application altogether in the long run.


Featured Image by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

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