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Cosmedique Review (UPDATED 2020): Must Read Before Buy!

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Cosmedique Review (UPDATED 2020): Must Read Before Buy!

Cosmedique Review (UPDATED 2020): Must Read Before Buy!

Cosmedique is an anti-aging cream that uses a blend of different skin healing ingredients designed to have molecularly charged benefits. The intended result of this is deeply penetrating ingredients that can support lasting skin health.

They add how that can be fast-acting, gives 24-hour hydration, which is full of powerful antioxidants, and it can provide immediate firing. Additionally, there are no unwanted paraben preservatives that might be detrimental to skin health. An easy to understand description is given to show how the formula may mend damaged skin.

Our number #1 pick for anti-aging support is the all-natural Kremotex. Customers have experienced great benefits and the formula itself uses stem cells for healthy skin rejuvenation. Click this link to get an exclusive breakdown of the value offered by Kremotex.


No full supplements facts list is provided on the official website, but they do highlight some of the ingredients. Other websites have also mentioned more ingredients not cited on the official website, so it’s impossible to know for certain if it’s accurate:

Hyaluronic AcidRetinolDMAEVitamin AVitamin C
Vitamin ENatural ProteinsCeramideSodium HyalurateMalus Domestica Swiss Apple Extract
AlgaeCaviar Extract

Hyaluronic Acid: A chemical that is naturally found in the body, this substance helps lubricate and cushion joints. When added to the skin, it’s meant to help moisturize and promote wound healing.

Retinol: Vitamin A1 is used to reverse existing skin damage and the signs of aging. It is naturally found in food and is often supplemented to help prevent deficiencies.  Standard amounts of Retinol are often well-tolerated in the human body.

DMAE: A pure compound that is found in the body. It is added to the skin to help reduce sagging, signs of aging, also skin that is worn. DMAE has powerful antioxidant advantages and will help improve the general look of the skin.

Natural Proteins: This can come from many different sources and without knowing exactly what it is, there is no way to properly review it.

Ceramide: Naturally produced in cell membranes, this helps provide structure and can help signal cell communication. When applied to the skin it can help promote growth.

Sodium Hyalurate: The official website of Cosmedique describes this as a sodium salt of hyaluronic acid, and it is naturally found in connective tissue. This can help lubricate skin and it also provides protection. It can also be used to help support wound healing.

Caviar Extract:  Fully ripened eggs cured by salt which can come from many different types of fish.  This is considered a delicacy and is most commonly sourced from China.  This has natural fatty acids in it, protein, calories, and some trace minerals.

When added to a cream like this it will provide essential fatty acids that can moisturize the skin and keep it healthy. While this is good for skin health it is also an unnecessary addition since there are other cheaper sources that have the same fatty acid makeup.

Algae: Found in water, this simple organism is rich in vitamins and minerals. When added to skin care creams it can help skin appear more youthful and less damaged.  This is also used to help fight inflammation and swelling.

Algae has to be extracted from safe waters which are free of contaminates others it may have damaging heavy metals, bacteria, and toxins.  This can penetrate into the body and it may lead to potential side effects such as:

  • Shock, rapid heart rate, and weakness.
  • Liver damage, vomiting, and death.

There is no explanation offered on the official Cosmedique website to help consumers know if this is extracted from clean waters.

We have listed our top picks for natural anti-aging support in the link cited here.


It is not known exactly what the dosage strength is, what the full ingredients list is all, and whether there are any other additional additives. There are also 3rd party sites which have looked to the supplement and while they claim there are additional ingredients, it’s not possible to verify for sure if they are accurate.

The known ingredients are quality and good for skin health, but they’re also common to many other similar brands. Because of this being very basic and already found in many supplements, it raises questions about what is actually unique about this and different from any other brand.

One great ingredient added to this is the apple stem cells which are unique and which can actually help regenerate even damaged skin tissue.

We’ve listed the best anti-aging creams from 1 to 10 in the link provided here.


They only offer a re-occurring auto-ship program and a 2-month supply sells for $147.50. Initially, they charge $187.50, but after this first charge, it turns into a 60-day plan for the reduced price.  This form of sales is very controversial since there are fears that the company will continue to charge consumers even when they try and cancel.

It is very strange that they would not allow for immediate purchases without an auto-ship program. They claim it’s an advantage and that you can cancel anytime and adjust the frequency of shipments, but it would have been considerably more preferable whenever they simply only did only bottle purchases without the need for a contract.

The company is not well-known as we’ll go into in the next section, and this makes it even more difficult to trust what they’re saying.

The price of this may also be higher than normal since it uses unnecessary additives like a fish roe which could have been substituted by many different sources.

The brands featured in this list showed the best anti-aging support and many consumers were able to benefit greatly from it.


They are owned by Cosmedique LLC and their full contact details are:

Phone:  (855) 315-7475

Address: 1451 W. Cypress Creek Rd #300

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Email: [email protected]

Their official website has a promotion where they claim that you can try it for a full 30 day period. All they request is paid for shipping and handling.

You have to research deeper to help understand how this promotion is made possible, their terms and conditions states that after the 30-day trial, they will begin to automatically charge consumers a 2-month supply at $147.50.

Single order refunds are offered, and in order to qualify, customers must be held eligible which depends on whether or not the company allows it.

No other company details are offered on any other website, making it impossible to know about how they operate. There were some reviews about the company itself on a 3rd party site, however:

“charged for a supposedly free trial”

“TERRIBLE! They claimed it was a free trial but they began charging me”

“Your card will be charged automatically so make sure to read the terms and conditions”

Our top-rated anti-aging creams were favorited for their ease of use and skincare results.


Only a few reviews were available online:

“I’m a fan of it because it’s all-natural and easy to use”

“Good for my needs”

Since there’s so little to go on, there’s no way to know for certain if this is a reliable anti-aging cream.  The official website has before and after photos but without any real evidence from other websites, there’s simply no way to know for certain if it is truly reliable.

We’ve compiled a list of the top-rated anti-aging creams that offered great results and which were also highly reviewed by consumers.


Until additional information is shown it is going to be difficult to try and understand whether the formulation is well worth using. As far as the firm itself, they are quite badly reviewed, and several have said they’re untrustworthy and reviews of the product itself are limited. What’s known is that the firm has a rather controversial auto-shipment program which this is extremely expensive. There is really no need for a company to ever offer just an auto-shipment, and generally scam business will try and lock consumers in to this plan so they can be charged without their consent.

We have made it our mission to reviewing countless anti-aging creams and overall, Kremotex was the most impressive.  This cream has a blend of rich all-natural ingredients which can not only help moisturize and protect the skin, but also helping to improve already existing damage. It’s made for all skin types and for all types of issues including sagging, age spots, wrinkles, and more.

The company itself was rated favorably by consumers, and they also said that the formula itself was easy to apply and not greasy. Furthermore, they have a gat explanation as to how this works on their official website. Click here to read our official review of Kremotex to see why it was our top-rated anti-aging cream of the year.

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