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5 of the Best Workouts You Should Try In 2021


5 of the Best Workouts You Should Try In 2021

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5 of the Best Workouts You Should Try In 2021

Getting a little bored with your regular workouts and want to change it up a little? You’re not alone!

In recent years, we’ve seen a number of new and innovative training opportunities hit the market that are quickly gaining popularity, so if you haven’t already given them a go, here are five fresh workouts that are worth trying out in 2021.

1. Altitude Training

Historically only used by elite athletes to improve performance, altitude training has now gone mainstream with a few places like this gym in St Kilda, Melbourne offering multi-zoned altitude training, where you can complete your workout under the same conditions as if you were on top of a mountain, where the air is thinner and you draw in less oxygen with each breath.

Able to help you burn up to 25% more calories than regular workouts, it’s great for weight loss and weight management, while also providing additional benefits such as improving muscular endurance, building strength and supporting cardiovascular health.

2. Barre

Dancing has done a world of good for the health and fitness industry – first we were introduced to Pilates, but now it’s Barre that’s capturing the attention of plenty of people wanting to improve their fitness by trying something a little different.

Combining exercises derived from ballet, yoga and Pilates, barre offers an intense workout without the need for any previous dance training. Largely relying on the use of your own body weight as resistance, it’s an excellent way to target muscle groups you otherwise might not be able to train.

It also offers plenty of health benefits including strengthening and toning your muscles, improving posture, increasing endurance and metabolism and improving bone density.

3. Infrared Hot Yoga

We all know that yoga offers plenty of health benefits, but infrared hot yoga takes it up a notch. With classes offered at different temperatures varying between 30 and 40°C, hot yoga can help with everything from weight loss and detoxification, to increased circulation and metabolism, improved oxygen levels, collagen production, joint and muscle pain relief and stress reduction.

While some gyms offer hot yoga sessions where the room is heated using a conventional space heater, infrared panels provide a superior type of heat. They are radiant like the sun, working to heat objects within the space rather than the air itself—this ensures you can still complete your practice in dry, cool air without the need for annoying blowing fans, while still getting all the benefits of a hot yoga class.

4. SKILLMILLTM Treadmills

If you haven’t heard about them yet, SKILLMILLTM treadmills differ from traditional treadmills with their curved base and unique dual-handle un-motorised ergonomic design which offers a huge range of workout options.

Ideal for High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), the design ensures you’ll maintain correct posture throughout your workout while helping you improve your power, speed, stamina and agility to help you reach peak performance.

5. Virtual Cycling

Once merely a concept envisioned in futuristic movies, virtual cycling is now a thing. Simply by strapping on a virtual headset, your once dreary spin session is transformed into a lifelike real-world experience where you can visualise yourself cycling though a range of outdoor environments including everything from alpine mountain tops, to city, coastline or desert landscapes.

If you suffer from motion sickness it might not be for you, but it’s definitely worth a try if you get the opportunity!

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