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12 Citrus Essential Oil Benefits As Proven by Science

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12 Citrus Essential Oil Benefits As Proven by Science

12 Citrus Essential Oil Benefits As Proven by Science

Citrus essential oils are so much greater than just a tantalizing burst of refreshing aroma for your nose. Needless to say, there’s nothing wrong with having a diffuser blend of strawberry and orange essential oils simply because of their sweet and sour aroma.

However, there are plenty of other citrus essential oil benefits you should know about as well. These oils are ideal for DIY cleaning products, body care, and more. Let’s check out the top proven citrus essential oil benefits so you can use your oils to the fullest.

Remember: Citrus fruit essential oils are photosensitive. Therefore, wait up to 12 hours before going in direct sunlight after using them topically.


An open bottle of citrus essential oil surrounded by fresh limes and lime flowers and leaves.
The anti-inflammatory properties are one of the most impressive benefits of citrus essential oils.

The Anti Inflammatory citrus oil
The advantages are fairly outstanding for the body and mind care requirements. In
The reality, lime essential oil is high in anti-inflammatory properties which it might
Be effective at helping combat Alzheimer’s disease, based on restricted

Other oils that greatly reduce inflammation
are neroli and yuzu. So, next
time you’re fighting off some dermatitis, try adding a drop of lime oil into
your moisturizer.


A top-down view of different natural cleaning products such as a bottle of essential oil, lemon, vinegar, and baking soda
If you’re looking for a natural way to clean your house, essential oils are one of the best choices.

The Majority of citrus essential oils contain some,
If not an abundance, of anti-inflammatory properties. In Actuality, the antibacterial
Nature of citrus essential oils is so strong they’re frequently employed as a
Replacement for chemical-based bactericides.

This contributes to one of the more handy
essential oil uses
— all-natural soaps and cleaning supplies!


A plate with small bottles of grapefruit essential oil next to cut up pieces of pink grapefruit
There are no shortage of citrus essential oils that offer anti-bacterial properties.

As with the antibacterial Advantage, the
The antifungal advantage is prevalent in several citrus essential oils. For Instance,
Grapefruit and kumquat essential oils are antifungal against Candida, a certain
Fungus strain which often affects girls in the kind of yeast infections.

Other antifungal oils include bergamot, lemon,
and mandarine.


A table with bottles of lemon essential oil and cut up pieces of lemon
Did you know that some citrus essential oils contain antioxidants that can help you fight the signs of aging?

Grapefruit, orange, and lemon essential oils include antioxidants, according to various research studies analyzing their uses. However, lemon oil is widely researched and known as the ideal citrus essential oil for both antioxidant purposes, as shown by its free-radical fighting abilities.

These oils work well in a face massage oil,
where they can help fight signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin.


A pile of fresh bergamot fruits on a wooden table next to a bottle of homemade bergamot essential oil
Did you know that citrus essential oils can be used as a powerful anti-anxiety product?

Citrus essential oils are fantastic tools to
combat anxiety. In one study, bergamot essential oil reduced anxiety levels in
rats, suggesting it may do the same for humans as well.

Also, neroli essential oil reduced anxiety in
post-menopausal women and patients going into minor operations.

Getting the anti-anxiety citrus essential oil
benefits is as easy as mixing up some oils in a spray bottle and misting your
pillow before bed.

Mood Boosting

A woman inhaling a bottle of store-bought citrus essential oil in her home office
Looking to elevate your mood in a totally natural way? Studies have shown that citrus essential oils are excellent mood boosters.

One of the best citrus essential oil uses
after a stressful day at work is their mood-boosting effects. According to
research on the olfactory system (aka your sense of smell), lemon essential oil
is a powerful mood booster and can even increase your mental and physical task

Additionally, orange essential oil improved
the overall mood of patients waiting in a dentist’s office in another study. To get
these benefits on your own, try out an easy room spray.

Immune Boosting

Clear bottles filled with citrus essential oil with slices of orange and lemon on a table
Citrus essential oils are also immune fighting — is there anything they can’t do?

Essential oils that also contain antioxidant
Power, such as lemon and orange essential oils, which can improve your immune system
Basically, by helping to strengthen your blood capillaries, your immune system
grows stronger too.

One study, using a blend of essential oils
(including orange), noted that it produced immune-modulating effects. This
suggests that some oils can help regulate and stabilize your immune system.

Reduces Stretch Marks

A heavily pregnant woman sitting on her coach rubbing citrus oil on her belly to prevent stretch marks
Are you expecting? You may be surprised to learn that citrus essential oils can be used to prevent stretch marks.

If you Are less than Enthused about your
Stretch marks, you may use some vital oils to naturally reduce their
Look. Petitgrain mandarin essential oil increases flow for a
Skin and can avoid stretch marks from the process.

At the same time, you can use lemon essential
oil to support in reducing the appearance of stretch marks. It works by evening
out skin tone and acting as an astringent to tighten your skin. For quick
results, you can use these oils in a homemade spot treatment with a carrier oil
twice daily.

Increases Sex Drive

Different sized amber bottles filled with neroli essential oil next to neroli flowers and leaves
One of the lesser-known benefits of citrus essential is that it can help to increase your sex drive.

Need your mojo back? Both neroli and sweet
orange essential oil can potentially help. Neroli specifically is a great
essential oil for women as it can help increase your sex drive even post-menopause. While
we’re at it, neroli oil can also relieve various premenstrual symptoms.

You can use these in a coconut-citrus massage
oil next time you want that extra boost.

Insect Repellent

A woman spraying homemade insect and bug repellent made from citrus essential oils
There are few things more annoying than being eaten alive by bugs! Protect yourself naturally using an essential oils bug spray.

With a Lot of citrus essential oils available,
There’s no reason to use store-bought insect repellants. Both lime and lemon
Essential oils include insect-repellent properties.
They can be applied as safer alternatives to chemical-based merchandise.

For fast topical action, add one drop each of
these cold-pressed oils into a palm-sized amount of carrier oil, then apply
directly to your skin.


Bottles of sweet orange essential oil
Dealing with troublesome skin? Don’t reach for harsh anti-acne products try using citrus essential oils instead.

Some citrus essential oils work well to Decrease
Oil in your skin and clear bacteria up, and, thus, reduce snoring. For
Example, lemon is also beneficial for the astringent and clarifying properties.

Plus, sweet orange essential oil reduced acne
lesions by up to 75 percent in one study.
You can add in these oils to whatever toner you already use for an extra boost
of acne-fighting support.

Natural Sedative

A wooden diffuser filled with citrus essential oils with natural sedative properties.
Who couldn’t use some stress relief? Next time tensions are high, apply some citrus oil to your wrist.

Linalool, a common component of many flowering
plants, is responsible for having a sedative effect in some citrus essential
oils. Bitter orange, bergamot, and neroli are all considered mild sedatives
because of this.

These essential oils can support in relieving stress and calming your mind, making them ideal partners for a diffuser blend before bed.

Citrus Essential Oil Benefits As Proven By Science


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