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Sex Pills –Do They Really Work & Are They Safe And?

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Sex Pills –Do They Really Work & Are They Safe And?

Sex Pills –Do They Really Work & Are They Safe And?

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  • What Is Sex Pill?
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  • How does It work?
  • Change Sex
  • Safety
  • Alternatives To Pills
  • Therapy

We humans do love a fast fix for everything that could possibly trouble us, including our sex lives. Women and men who don’t feel confident about their sexual functionality will often turn to what they perceive as quick and simple answers.

While those immediate sexual band-aids, like Levitra and Vyleesi, may help alleviate some issues some of the time, there’s often a dark downside to their use.

What Exactly Is A Sex Pill?

For men, prescription pills used for erectile dysfunction include Viagra, Levitra, Cialis and Stendra, Staxyn, and Spedra.

Viagra, the finest known and more commonly prescribed among those, was initially a treatment for pulmonary hypertension (elevated blood pressure from the heart and lungs), that was afterward discovered to have the unusual side effect of inducing erections.

All of these pharmaceuticals alter blood pressure and are likely to increase blood flow to the genitals, creating a greater chance for enduring erections.

For women, Addyi is the only pharmaceutical pill available. Originally, it was used as an antidepressant but was found to assist some premenopausal women with the physical aspects of sexual arousal.

There are numerous additional”natural” pills that serve as alternatives to these drugs. These are mostly a combination of supplements and herbs, but since this kind of a pill is not regulated or approved by any jurisdiction overseeing product criteria, you can’t know what you might really be getting.

Some may even be filled with potentially dangerous substances, or substances that may not be dangerous to some, but dangerous to others who take certain medications or have particular preexisting health conditions.

Others may be nothing more than “snake oil,” relying on the placebo effect to be the thing that helps hopeful consumers with anxiety about physical interactions.

Where Do I Get A Prescription?

Prescription”sex tablets,” can be achieved by means of your urologist, OBGYN or gynecologist. You could also speak to your psychiatrist or general practitioner concerning concerns since they might either be able to advise or refer you to the perfect physician for the occupation.

How Much Will A Libido Boost Cost Me?

Since everyone has different medical coverage, everyone’s cost for their pills will vary. That being said, a consumer might expect to pay somewhere between $15-$20 per pill. Also, expect the number of pills you can get each month to be limited.

It is more difficult to provide an estimate of what the unregulated enhancement pill may cost as prices, like outcomes, vary greatly. Broadly, they could be 5 -$20 per tablet or the cost could lower if you purchase in bulk.

How Does It Work?

Pills for men contain nitric oxide, which relaxes and opens blood vessels. When vessels are open, blood is able to flow more easily to all parts of the body. When blood flows more easily, erections can develop and maintain with more ease.

A man can take any of these prescribed pills and usually begin to feel effects in about 30 minutes. While each brand is known to have its strongest effects for different amounts of time, a consumer could expect to have increased blood flow anywhere between 4-36 hours, with an average of 4-6 hours for most pills.

It’s recommended that these pills are taken in an empty stomach or with smart, wholesome food. Heavy, high fat meals may inhibit the absorption of the medicines. These kinds of foods are the kind that may result in pulmonary problems in the first place anyway, so they are generally poorly advised.

Addyi, the pill for women, works on the brain rather than the body. It’s meant to balance neurotransmitters so that the user feels a normal sexual drive again. Like other antidepressants, Addyi must be taken daily and can take 2 – 12 weeks before the user begins to feel any effects.

This does not act like the medicine available for men, so women don’t take this specifically before erotic encounters, but daily at or around the same time to increase their blood flow on an ongoing basis.

How Does It Change Sex?

Unfortunately, though these pills may make the body more capable of having sexual intercourse, they don’t guarantee a good time, connection, sensuality, love, pleasure, or orgasm.

These simply make the bodies of some users more prepared for the actual mechanics of sex, but as sex is largely mental for both men and women, medications, whether FDA approved or bought at a gas station, can not make up for the greatest factors needed for satisfaction between partners.

In addition, some people find a drink or two before an erotic encounter helps them to relax and enjoy the experience more. However, when taking pills, it is highly recommended to avoid alcohol.

Not only can alcohol decrease the chances or erection and vaginal lubrication, but it could also make a user sick.

This does not mean consumers can’t enjoy a glass (or bottle of wine) within a meal in front of a date, but every user should know about their personal tolerance and reactions and handle with care as this may bring about a negative or positive effect on their sex lives based on their own individual makeup.

What About Safety?

Prescription pills, when taken with caution and as directed by your doctor, are safe. These medicines have been tested and reviewed by scientists before being deemed safe and useful.

As long as you follow your physician’s instructions for taking them, you should not be at risk, though, in the same way as any other prescription medication, each pill does come with its potential side effects.

These side effects could be:

  • Headaches
  • Body aches
  • Digestive problems
  • Dizziness
  • Vision changes
  • Flushes
  • Congestion
  • Nausea
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Nasal congestion
  • Passing out (when combined with alcohol with women taking Addyi)

If you experience side effects that cause you distress, you should stop taking your medication and speak to your healthcare provider about the issue.

Because over the counter pills don’t require a visit with a healthcare provider to attain, people taking these pills or other similar substances could find these dubious, easy to access alternatives potentially dangerous.

What really is a safe dose and pair of ingredients to a single individual may be very different from the other. Different individuals have different chemical makeup, diets, bodies, tolerances, neurochemistry, health conditions and health treatments so that there are no two people who’ll get exactly the same effect from exactly the same over the counter pill or powder.

Doctors can suggest an FDA approved solution and dosage based on a full understanding of your medical history, so it’s much safer to have medical professional advice and supervise your medication.

Even if you’re lucky enough to 1) get something that actually works and 2) not to have an adverse reaction, you need to remember that these pills have effects on your brain and organs, too.

Prolonged use or a dose that is too high for a person might be toxic to the body, regardless of a user’s ability to detect it instantly.

If Not Take A Pill, What Else Can I Do?

Here’s the part where I tell you what you most need to hear but least likely want to. Of the great number of people taking “libido enhancing” pills, very few of them have a sexual problem that roots in blood flow.

Sexual enhancement pills, even though possibly effective in ways, are destructive in a way, too. Regrettably, most people reach for these supplements and medications as a quick solution, simply to prolong their true issues.

Just as there are no short roads in life, there is no quick fix for sex. Sexual problems are almost always not about your penis or vagina not working correctly. They’re about you being stuck in your head.

Here’s a list of critical factors you may be overlooking that are likely to directly impact your sexual responses:

  • Anxiety/nerves
  • Stress
  • Exhaustion
  • Depression
  • Insecurity
  • Resentment
  • Disinterest in a partner
  • Poor exercise routine
  • Guilt
  • Grief/loss

All of these can affect a person’s libido and performance. Unfortunately, rather than addressing the emotional and mental origins of our sexual issues, we go straight for the physical.

Why do we rush to fix an internal problem with an external cover-up? We do this because we’re lazy.

If we have a pill for your own body, even though it merely changing a symptom and not being a cure to the true cause, it seems like a quick fix. It lets us avoid having to do any real work, at least, briefly.

We will become increasingly frustrated and disappointed if we rely on symptom bandaging rather than real problem-solving.

While there are some people who might find themselves cured with a pill because theirs is truly an issue with blood vessel problems, most would be better off with a solution like therapy, or at least some good, long sessions of introspection and reflection.

What Therapy Can Do For Your Sex Life That Pills Can’t

A legitimate and commendable, long-term remedy like treatment might help us sort out these facets that get into our head and block our pleasure ability. The remedy is for everybody, on any financial institution, and it can help us in a way like:

  • Helping to identify our hangups
  • Giving us the tools to effectively communicate
  • Helping develop our empathy
  • Debunking myths and fears we’ve been grasping
  • Bringing awareness to our behavior
  • Helping us to make lifestyle changes
  • Improving our self-esteem.

Even if we’ve convinced ourselves there’s no connection, all of these things can and will affect our sex lives. Physicality is a part of sex but sex is not wholly physical. Intimacy is holistic and a pill will, for most, never be a cure for the real problems at hand.

In both men and women, the main sexual organ is the brain. Erectile dysfunction,” in those with no accurate vascular disease have to be worked on in fitter, more direct ways, not through a tablet computer.

However, if you do decide to try pills out, whether over the counter or preferably, by prescription after visiting your physician, remember to be an educated consumer.

Know as much as you can about what you’re putting into your body and keep working on your life and relationships as a whole.

Pills may be quick, but the actual fix won’t happen until all aspects of our sexuality and relationship happiness are actively worked on.

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