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Understanding the Variation in Cost for Philips Zoom Lamp Whitening in Dentistry

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Understanding the Variation in Cost for Philips Zoom Lamp Whitening in Dentistry

Credit: Philips

Understanding the Variation in Cost for Philips Zoom Lamp Whitening in Dentistry

Many individuals aspire to have a gleaming, bright smile similar to that of a Hollywood celebrity. Dentists equipped with a Philips Zoom whitening lamp can fulfill this dream for their patients. This procedure is painless and quick, typically completed in 3-4 sessions lasting 15 minutes each (totaling up to about 1 hour)!

Philips Zoom Whitening Lamp: Technology and Function

Philips Zoom is a highly effective and safe whitening solution that can maintain the whiteness of teeth for an extended period. This lamp emits a cold light that activates the whitening gel, initiating the whitening process. An integrated chip manages and regulates the duration of the process, typically requiring 4 sessions of 15 minutes each for optimal results. The complete whitening treatment with a Philips Zoom lamp usually spans 60 minutes.

The standard Philips Zoom set includes:

  • Microchip
  • Whitening gel
  • Whitening gel activator
  • ASR relief
  • Retractor IsoPrep
  • Oil with vitamin E
  • Gum protection
  • Various consumables such as napkins, rollers, and containers

Cost Reduction Strategies for Philips Zoom Whitening

To optimize the cost efficiency of whitening procedures, particularly concerning the upkeep of the lamp, the primary expense lies in the microchip responsible for initiating and managing the whitening process. Bleach Infiniter offers a solution to reduce the cost of operating your Philips Zoom lamp by providing an eternal chip that always displays the available number of whitening cycles – typically 4. Installing this chip is straightforward, as it does not require any alterations to the lamp itself. By replacing the old chip with the eternal one, dentists can significantly lower the cost of Philips Zoom lamp whitening procedures. The eternal chip functions similarly to the original chip and consistently shows 4 available whitening cycles.

You can obtain the eternal chip for your Philips Zoom lamp from the Bleach Infiniter website. The manufacturer guarantees that it can withstand up to 1 million cycles. Additionally, you can find various consumables for the Philips Zoom whitening lamp on their site.

For further details about the activator for Philips Zoom advanced power, visit:

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