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This Is How You Can Make Your Hair Look Instantly Thicker And Fuller


This Is How You Can Make Your Hair Look Instantly Thicker And Fuller

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This Is How You Can Make Your Hair Look Instantly Thicker And Fuller

Thinning hair is one of the most common beauty woes experienced by people of all ages, and while most men experience it, this condition also affects one-third of women. There are many factors that can trigger hair loss in women, which include a shift in hormones, a thyroid problem, or an inflammatory condition. It may also be caused by excessive use of damaging hair products and tools. Whatever is causing your hair to become thin and brittle, getting to the root of the problem should be a priority to restore your tresses’ health. Until then, try these smart hacks to make your hair look thicker and fuller.

Use A Hair Topper

A hair topper is a synthetic or natural clip-on wig that you can use to add volume to your hair. It comes in different styles, lengths, and colours, and since it comes in sections, it looks a lot more natural than a full or conventional wig. To get the most natural look, pick a topper that closely resembles your hair colour, and cut it to match your hair’s length. The goal here is not to add length, but fullness, so make sure that the topper blends in well with your natural hair. Opt for toppers made of human hair as they’re lighter and more comfortable to wear than those made of silk or synthetic materials.

Opt For Relaxed Hair Styles

Pulling your hair into a tight chignon or ponytail can result in traction alopecia, and it’s what causes a receding hairline. If you need to keep your hair off of your face, try brushing it back, gather it in a loose ponytail, then relax your hold before tying or clipping it in place so that your hairstyle won’t put too much stress on the hair follicles. You can also pull it back into a loose, messy low bun, or wear your hair down for a change. To hide a receding hairline, try using a product with hair building fibres to disguise the issue, or brush a bit of hair mascara over the bald spot, but remember to use a light hand when applying these hair products to avoid clumps.

Get A New Haircut

The right haircut can make your hair seem thicker and more voluminous than it really is. In fact, simply cutting off two to three inches from the ends of your hair can make it look a lot fuller, so if you want to do it yourself, you can certainly do this at home. However, if you want a professional to work on your hair, ask for a blunt cut if you have thin or fine hair, and keep layers to a minimum. A one-length blunt bob, with or without bangs, can instantly make your hair appear thicker. A full or dense pixie works even better to make the most out of your hair, but consult your hairstylist first to see if this style will suit your face shape. To care for your hair, wash it with a mild shampoo, and avoid using rich conditioners or oils as these can weigh your hair down and make it look limp and lifeless.

With the right hairstyle, cut, and a little bit of help, you can have thick, luscious locks every single day. If you’re experiencing severe hair loss, consult your doctor for proper treatment and medication.

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