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The Workout of Superheroes: Motivating You to Go to the Gym


The Workout of Superheroes: Motivating You to Go to the Gym

Image Source: Svitlana Hulko / Shutterstock

The Workout of Superheroes: Motivating You to Go to the Gym

Over the last twenty years, we’ve become accustomed to seeing incredibly fit bodies in Marvel and DC movies. The connection between superheroes and fitness has become strong, with workouts and diets of celebrities becoming an essential part of the superhero image and widely discussed in the media.

Celebrities like Chris Hemsworth often share glimpses of their intense workout routines, causing their fitness posts to go viral and motivating fans worldwide to hit the gym. It’s clear that actors in Marvel and DC movies are making working out more popular than ever, inspiring millions to aim for a physique similar to their favorite superheroes and seek out superhero-themed workout routines.

Recognizing this trend, the sports nutrition brand Bulk decided to investigate further and compile a report on which superhero workouts people are most interested in, based on searches on Google, TikTok, and YouTube.

Trend of Superhero Workouts

According to the information from Google Keyword Planner, searches for Natalie Portman’s workout plan surged by 400% when Thor: Love and Thunder was released in July. Similarly, with the premiere of DC’s Black Adam, searches for The Rock’s workout regimen increased by 53% in the past three months. Henry Cavill’s return as Superman on the big screen caused a 240% spike in searches for the Superman workout routine.

Bulk’s study found that the most sought-after superhero workout in 2022 was the Batman workout (198,330 searches), followed by Thor’s routine (160,800 searches) and Superman’s exercises (147,950 searches).

Here are the top 10 superhero workouts searched for on Google:

  1. Batman – 198,330 searches
  2. Thor – 160,800 searches
  3. Superman – 147,950 searches
  4. Captain America – 119,320 searches
  5. Spiderman – 108,350 searches
  6. Wolverine – 50,170 searches
  7. Black Widow – 32,740 searches
  8. Bane – 30,630 searches
  9. Wonder Woman – 24,510 searches
  10. Deadpool – 17,370 searches

On YouTube, Thor’s workout was the most popular with 1,260,000 searches. The Superman routine followed with 1,092,000 searches, then the Batman workout with 1,027,000 searches.

On TikTok, the most watched workout was Thor’s with a whopping 4,600,000 views. Black Widow’s workout came next with 1,200,000 views, and Spiderman’s routine closed out the top three most viewed workouts with 699,400 views.

Achieving a superhero level of fitness is undoubtedly challenging. Yet, it’s a journey that’s inspiring and empowering. To make the most out of these workouts, you need the right mindset, commitment, and a love for fitness. Work out, rest, and then repeat!

Image Source: Svitlana Hulko / Shutterstock

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