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My Yoga Journey and How It Helped Me Lose Weight

Weight Loss

My Yoga Journey and How It Helped Me Lose Weight

My Yoga Journey and How It Helped Me Lose Weight

My Yoga Journey and How It Helped Me Lose Weight

Hey Girls,

As the weather gets colder, outdoor workouts in the early morning can be challenging. It’s more convenient to exercise indoors during the winter.

In this article, I’ll share my yoga experience and how practicing yoga helped me shed pounds and achieve a more flexible and toned body.

Image by Alexy Almond via Pexels

I’ve always been passionate about yoga. I developed a daily yoga practice when I took yoga classes as part of my school’s extracurricular activities. I excelled in performing asanas compared to others and enjoyed the recognition I received for my skills.

I explored various yoga classes but found them to be quite expensive. Instead, I stuck to my evening walks and light exercises. However, I struggled with waking up early for morning walks and workouts.

In September 2012, at my dad’s urging, I started morning walks to breathe in fresh air rather than evening walks. As I walked in the district park in my area, I noticed several yoga groups consisting of people of all ages practicing yoga with instructors from a specific institute. This sight reignited my interest in yoga, but I hesitated to join the park yoga sessions.

After a few days, I mustered the courage to join one of the groups, which comprised mainly middle-aged to elderly individuals. Despite feeling nervous on the first day, the group and instructor offered encouragement, assisted me with asanas, and praised my efforts. Their support was invaluable to me.

The session began with gentle stretching exercises for arms, hands, and the full body, followed by neck and back exercises to alleviate stiffness and address neck issues. After 15 minutes, we transitioned to asanas, starting with Suryanamaskar and moving on to various poses tailored for different body parts and health conditions, including specific poses for weight loss like Dhanurasana, Halasana, and Trikonasana.

Each asana was performed at a low intensity with a 1-minute rest interval between poses. Following the asanas, we engaged in meditation and breathing exercises, integral components of yoga that promote mental well-being and relaxation. Breathing techniques such as pranayama and Anulom-Vilom were emphasized, focusing on inhaling and exhaling properly. This segment lasted 15 minutes.

Image by Anete Lusina via Pexels

The 1.5-hour yoga session left me feeling rejuvenated, energetic, and exceptionally relaxed. I was so impressed by the experience that I eagerly anticipated the next morning’s yoga session, surprising both myself and my parents, who witnessed my newfound commitment to early mornings.

The transformative effects of yoga were evident in my physical appearance and well-being. Over two months, I lost 2 kilograms, modest but significant progress that garnered attention for my toned physique.

While yoga weight loss may be gradual, it is sustainable, ensuring that lost weight doesn’t return even without intense workouts, though maintaining regular yoga practice is essential beyond achieving initial goals.

Despite being on bed rest for two and a half months due to a foot ligament injury, preventing me from engaging in workouts, I deeply miss my yoga practice. Yoga simplifies exercise routines and instills a sense of completeness that I never experienced with traditional workouts. It has transformed my perspective and habits, turning me from a workout evader to a yoga enthusiast.

If you share a passion for yoga, I’d love to hear about your experiences. For those yet to explore yoga, I encourage you to give it a try.

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