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Katrina Kaif’s Diet And Workout Routine

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Katrina Kaif’s Diet And Workout Routine

Katrina Kaif’s Diet And Workout Routine

Today’s article is about Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, known for her dancing skills and beauty. She has managed to maintain a fit figure while keeping her personal life private. Let’s delve into Katrina Kaif’s fitness and diet plan to uncover how she stays healthy and glowing as the queen of Bollywood.

Katrina is admired for her smooth and radiant skin, which often leads to curiosity about her skincare regimen. Surprisingly, her beauty secrets involve a disciplined diet, regular workouts, and a simple skincare routine.

Known as the Indian Barbie doll, Katrina has been a popular figure in Bollywood with hit item numbers that showcase her svelte figure and captivating looks.

Let’s take a closer look at Katrina Kaif’s diet and workout routines.

Katrina Kaif’s Diet Plan

To kickstart her day, Katrina starts with drinking four glasses of water to boost her metabolism.


◦     Cereals and oatmeal

◦     Pomegranate juice

◦     2 Egg whites


◦     2 slices of brown bread

◦     Grilled or steamed fish

◦     A small cup of legumes

◦     Green veggie salad


◦     Vegetable soup

◦     Dal or subzi

◦     2 Rotis

◦     A bowl of vegetable salad

Katrina follows a macrobiotic diet, eating every two hours and including boiled veggies, fresh fruits, and supplements like Acai berry and wheatgrass powder. She avoids starch-rich foods in her meals.

Katrina Kaif’s Workout

Katrina’s toned physique is a result of her dedicated workout routine.

Yoga: Katrina is a big fan of yoga, using it for mental peace and maintaining her lean figure.

Out-door training: She includes jogging in her routine, especially by beaches and sea areas, to warm up for her workouts.

Gym: Her gym activities consist of iso-planks, leg workouts, and strength training. Swimming and cycling are also part of her routine for a perfect bikini look.

Katrina’s trainer keeps her workout sessions engaging by incorporating various exercises like pilates, ab workouts, swimming, and jogging.

An interesting exercise in Katrina’s routine is the Iso-plank, aimed at reducing abdominal fat by engaging multiple muscle groups.

Quote by Katrina:

“The way one looks has a lot to do with how one feels. Inner peace and contentment reflect on the face, creating true beauty.”

We wish Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal a happy and healthy married life ahead.

Featured Image by Filmfare via Google Images

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