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How Gyms Plan to Operate Effectively Post-COVID


How Gyms Plan to Operate Effectively Post-COVID

How Gyms Plan to Operate Effectively Post-COVID

On February 22nd, DeltaTrainer announced a new partnership with Anytime Fitness, the world’s largest gym chain with over 4,500 locations worldwide. DeltaTrainer, a leading provider of remote personal training technology, offers its services to gyms like Anytime Fitness and smaller brands. This collaboration aims to help gyms adapt and thrive in the current digitally-driven fitness industry.

Impact of COVID on the Fitness Industry

The pandemic has brought challenges for various sectors, with digital fitness companies like Peloton and Mirror experiencing significant growth while traditional gyms faced closures and financial hardships. DeltaTrainer has stepped in to offer digital solutions to help gyms stay operational during these tough times.

DeltaTrainer’s advanced technology enables gyms, such as Anytime Fitness, to evolve and succeed in the midst of the pandemic. By enhancing customer experiences through innovation, these gyms can ensure sustainability beyond the current crisis.

DeltaTrainer, a tech startup based in Pittsburgh, PA, launched its direct-to-consumer training service in March 2020. The company has seen rapid growth, expanding its clientele across twelve countries with a remarkable 100% month-over-month growth rate last quarter.

Clients are paired with remote 1-on-1 coaches who create personalized workout programs and provide real-time guidance through the DeltaTrainer app. Utilizing smart-watch motion AI, the app detects and corrects exercise form, offering a hands-free workout experience akin to having a live trainer by your side. This comprehensive training comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional in-person training, priced at only $69 per month, making it accessible and affordable for many.

CEO Matt Spettel and co-founder Gabe Madonna have built DeltaTrainer from the ground up, focusing on delivering a high-quality training experience for users. The recent collaboration with Anytime Fitness marks a significant milestone for the company, driving further growth and innovation.

The Rise of Digital Fitness

As gyms navigate the digital fitness landscape, many have turned to platforms like Zoom and Instagram Live to engage with members remotely. However, increasing competition from free online classes poses a challenge for traditional gyms reliant on in-person services and revenue streams.

The shift towards digital fitness presents a new era for the industry, where gyms must adapt to survive beyond the pandemic. With changing consumer preferences and the rise of home fitness solutions like Peloton, gyms face the ongoing challenge of retaining members and adapting their business models to stay relevant in a rapidly evolving landscape.

As the world’s largest gym chain takes steps towards embracing digital transformation, the industry awaits to see if more gyms will follow suit in leveraging technology to meet the changing demands of fitness enthusiasts.

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