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Get Stronger with This Full Body Workout Plan


Get Stronger with This Full Body Workout Plan

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Get Stronger with This Full Body Workout Plan

Congratulations on reaching the final week of the ReNew Year Movement Program! You’ve learned how to push yourself and it’s not over yet. Use your progress so far as a foundation to continue growing. Identify what has worked well for you and focus on that as you move forward in your fitness journey.

Day 22: Engage in a Strength and Coordination Workout

This challenging workout focuses on improving your coordination, upper body strength, and core strength. It includes side-to-side movements to help you develop a well-rounded strength, prevent injuries, and enhance your overall agility and functionality.

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Day 23: Repeat the 8-Minute Full-Body Workout

Go back to Day 1’s workout to assess your progress and identify areas for further improvement. Use this workout as a guide to plan your future fitness goals based on what you enjoy and find effective.

Day 24: Repeat the Full-Body Mini-Intervals Workout

Exercise is about taking care of your body while having fun. Find joy in your workout routine and focus on movements that feel good for your body. Remember these positive experiences to stay motivated to keep moving.

Day 25: Engage in Outdoor Cardio Activity for 20 Minutes

Reflect on how your stamina has improved over the month and celebrate your achievements. Enjoy a run, walk, bike ride, or hike outdoors for 20 minutes to soak in your progress.

Day 26: Repeat the Strength Workout for Walkers and Runners

Even if you’re not a runner or walker, this workout offers benefits for all. Recognize the interconnectedness of different movements and the versatility of various exercises as you continue training.

Day 27: Practice a 20-Minute Mobility-Focused Yoga Flow

Challenge your body’s range of motion with this active yoga sequence to enhance mobility. Improving flexibility and agility through such practices can benefit your daily activities and overall well-being.

Day 28: Repeat the Strength and Coordination Workout

Consistency is key to improving your quality of life. Stay committed to your fitness routine to enjoy the long-term benefits it brings to your health and happiness. Keep up the good work!

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