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Everyday Habits a Physical Therapist Urges You to Change ASAP


Everyday Habits a Physical Therapist Urges You to Change ASAP

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Everyday Habits a Physical Therapist Urges You to Change ASAP

There’s a joke circulating on TikTok about discovering that you’ve been “standing wrong.” While it may sound amusing, the truth is, many of us reach adulthood without proper posture and are then surprised when we experience pain.

Our daily habits can have unintended negative consequences when we don’t pay attention to them. One area where these habits can harm us is our knees. But not to worry, according to Kristin Torres, DPT, a physical therapist from California, there are only a few harmful positions that can affect your knees and lead to early osteoarthritis.

Here are three bad habits for your knees that you should consider breaking:

Bad habit 1: Wearing ill-fitting shoes for your feet

The main culprit behind knee damage is wearing shoes that are not right for your feet, says Dr. Torres. It is essential to choose shoes that allow your feet to move freely without being too tight. She recommends shoes with a wide toe box regardless of your foot arch type. Strong ankle and hip joints will support your knees, promoting healthy alignment and preventing pain and injury.

Bad habit 2: Ignoring exercises for your gluteus medius

Having strong glutes, especially the gluteus medius, is crucial to protect your knees. Weak gluteus muscles can lead to internal rotation of the femur, causing stress on the knee joint and potential osteoarthritis. Dr. Torres suggests including gluteus medius exercises in your daily routine, such as side leg lifts and single-leg squats.

Bad habit 3: Neglecting stretching

Stretching plays a vital role in maintaining healthy knees. Dr. Torres emphasizes the importance of stretching before any exercise routine to warm up the muscles and improve range of motion. Dynamic stretching, involving active and repetitive movements, helps increase blood flow to the muscles, preventing injuries and early onset osteoarthritis. Post-workout static stretching can help relax muscles, increase flexibility, and reduce pain.

In conclusion, regular stretching and proper footwear choices are essential for knee health. By addressing these habits, you can significantly reduce the risk of knee injuries and enjoy improved overall joint health.

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