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All About The Atkins Diet And Its Benefits In Weight Loss

Weight Loss

All About The Atkins Diet And Its Benefits In Weight Loss

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All About The Atkins Diet And Its Benefits In Weight Loss

Obesity can feel like a burden that needs to be addressed in this life. At 98 kg, the idea of liposuction or seeking professional help seemed costly. I realized I had to take control of my weight, which led me to discover the Atkins Diet.

The Atkins Diet is a low-carbohydrate diet that focuses on burning body fat for fuel instead of carbs, aiding in weight loss.

How To Follow Atkins Diet and Lose Weight

This diet pyramid simplifies the Atkins Diet for effective weight loss. Let’s delve into how to follow it.

My Daily Routine – Atkins Diet

5:30 am – Wake up and go for a 1-hour walk.

6:30 – 7 am – Consume roasted methi powder with water to aid in joint pain and suppress hunger.

7:30 am – Start the day with black tea, milk cream, and almonds.

9-10:30 am – Engage in a 5-mile walk at home.

11:30 am – Enjoy boiled eggs and black coffee.

1-2 pm – Have a salad plate with grilled fish fillets.

5 pm – Snack on black tea and nuts.

8:30 pm – Dinner with eggs and veggies.

I followed this routine diligently for a month, reducing my daily carb intake and achieving a weight loss of 7 kg. Gradually, I reintroduced dairy and fruits, continuing to see progress and losing a total of 25 kg by April 2012.

Despite challenges and slip-ups, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with exercise and diet contributed to reducing medications and improving overall health. Discovering a newfound love for exercising and feeling energized became a significant part of my weight loss journey.

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