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5 Moves By An 81-Year-Old Trainer To Practice For Getting Up And Down From The Floor This Holiday Season


5 Moves By An 81-Year-Old Trainer To Practice For Getting Up And Down From The Floor This Holiday Season

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5 Moves By An 81-Year-Old Trainer To Practice For Getting Up And Down From The Floor This Holiday Season

If you have young family members, spending the holidays with them means you might need to move like a kid, whether it’s sitting on the floor to open gifts, playing and crawling around with the kids, or enjoying some hot cocoa by the fire.

These activities are meant to bring joy, but if you’re not confident in your strength and mobility, it could cause some concerns about how your body will manage. Harry King, an 81-year-old certified personal trainer at Planet Fitness, says that thinking about and preparing for these physical activities is a good idea.

Hill explains that strengthening the body, as well as incorporating mobility and stretching, can make movements like getting up and down from the floor easier. Our lower body, upper body, and core play a role in these movements. Quad and arm strength, hip mobility, and core strength for balance are also necessary.

While there are multiple exercises and stretches that can help, King recommends the following five moves. You can modify them if you’re new to strength training and gradually progress as you get stronger – aiming to get stronger as you get older is important, according to King.

King suggests focusing on strength training instead of just using the treadmill when you go to the gym. This helps prepare you for everyday activities.

Holiday strength training for seniors: 5 recommended moves

With the holidays approaching, you can start practicing these moves now. Consider joining an inclusive workout space that prioritizes no judgments and accessibility, such as Planet Fitness. This way, you’ll be able to see your progress next year.

“If we’re starting an exercise program at any age, but especially for seniors, let’s start with what we can do and progress,” King encourages. “It’s never too late to start.”

1. Wall sits

Wall sits help build the muscles used when getting up and down from the floor or a chair, particularly the quads. To do this, stand with your back against a wall and slowly slide your butt down toward the floor. Start with 30 seconds and increase the time to one or two minutes.

2. Lunges

Lunges engage the same muscles used when getting up and down from the floor, making them a useful exercise for these purposes. They work the quads, glutes, and lower back, progressing to help with getting up and down from chairs and the floor.

3. Dynamic stretches for hips, glutes, and hamstrings

Incorporating lower-body dynamic stretches promotes improved flexibility, joint range of motion, and overall mobility for seniors. This helps enhance balance, coordination, and muscle tension relief.

4. Push-up and tricep push-ups

Strengthening the upper body with push-ups can assist in getting up off the floor or out of a chair. Start with wall push-ups and progress to push-ups on the floor as you get stronger.

5. Planks

Core strength is important for all movements and activities. Progress your plank exercises by starting against a wall and gradually moving lower as you get stronger.

By building muscle strength and improving bone density, seniors can enjoy holiday gatherings with ease, whether it’s decorating, enjoying meals, or simply spending time with loved ones. Strength training not only builds physical resilience but also provides a sense of empowerment, making it a true gift.

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