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4 Must-Have Items for Wet Weather Trail Running


4 Must-Have Items for Wet Weather Trail Running

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4 Must-Have Items for Wet Weather Trail Running

When you’re out for a long run of 10 miles or more, it’s important to think about fueling. While some runners opt for gels and electrolytes, others, like me, prefer to fuel with actual food. When it comes to wet weather trail running, you’ll need to consider how to store your snacks so they don’t get wet. Nuts, dried fruits, jelly babies, etc. can be placed in small Ziploc bags and then stored in the pocket of your waterproof jacket or in a pocket of your hydration vest if you’re wearing one. Avoid snacks packaged in paper or cardboard, as they tend to get soggy easily.

1. Phone

While trail running offers an escape from the phone, it’s still crucial to have it for safety reasons. Carrying a phone provides a sense of security, especially for female solo runners. In addition to safety, phones are useful for tracking runs, using maps, checking time, and capturing the occasional selfie. To protect your phone from getting wet during a long rainy run, consider investing in a waterproof pouch or dry bag for added protection.

2. Buff

A buff, also known as a neck gaiter or snood, is an inexpensive yet essential item for wet weather runs. It acts as a protective layer around the neck, shielding you from cold winds and raindrops. Buffs are also handy for wiping rain off your face and eyes, as well as for handling runny noses. They are versatile and offer added protection in adverse weather conditions.

3. Wet Weather Running Clothes

Select lightweight running clothes made of nylon or polyester with moisture-wicking properties for wet weather trail running. Layering is key to manage body temperature as you warm up during the run. Start with a water-resistant outer layer, followed by a moisture-wicking long-sleeved top and a supportive sports bra. Opt for quick-drying fabrics to stay comfortable and dry even if the rain stops during your run.

4. Lights/Reflective Gear

Visibility is crucial when running in wet weather, especially in low light conditions. Wear brightly colored clothing with reflective strips to enhance visibility. Consider using lights, such as chest lights, to make yourself more visible to others, particularly if part of your route includes roads. If you run with a dog, ensure they are also well-lit for safety.


Embrace the adventure of wet weather trail running by equipping yourself with the right gear. Rainy runs may be dirty and challenging, but with proper preparation and gear, you can tackle technical trails with confidence.


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