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The Most Important Factors To Fuel Your Hair Growth


The Most Important Factors To Fuel Your Hair Growth

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The Most Important Factors To Fuel Your Hair Growth

On average, your hair (pilus) is expected to grow by about half an inch monthly. When this growth isn’t noticeable, it’s not unusual to begin to panic. This panic may lead you to buy different types of hair products and drugs that may or may not be suitable for your health. However, you should know that everyone understands the importance of your hair to your mental and social overall wellbeing, especially in today’s modern society. Great hair doesn’t just protect your head; it also builds your confidence while making you look more attractive. This is why understanding the reason behind it is important before panic acting on issues concerning your hair growth. When you have accurate information, finding a good hair growth solution compatible with your condition will be easier.

The Growth Steps Your Pilus Goes Through 

There are three stages in hair growth, as you’ll see below.

Growth Stage

The anagen stage is the beginning of any hair development. It’s a stage that determines how thick, long, and beautiful your pilus will look. During this stage, the cells at the bottom of your follicle begin to divide rapidly. This rapid cell division produces strong hair growth, usually lasting about 2-6 years. Most of your hair is at this stage, but genetics can influence its duration. If your genetics allow the hair to stay longer at the anagen phase, it’s all good news.


Transitioning is the shortest stage, usually lasting between 2 and 3 weeks after the anagen stage. In this stage, your hair is completely cut off from the blood cells, representing an end in cell division. When cells at your hair root stop dividing, hair growth stops completely. Your pilosebaceous begin to shrink and attach to your hair root, forming the fully matured pilus you see on your head.


Telogen (resting) is a stage that represents the end of the growing cycle. It’s when the pilosebaceous (hair follicles) enter their resting state for about three months. After this resting state, your hair begins to fall off gradually. You might not have noticed, but it usually happens in small quantities of about 50-100 hairs daily. The cycle starts all over again from the anagen stage as soon as the pilus has fallen off.

Factors That Are Influencing Hair Growth

These are factors that influence baldness:


Chronic stress is one of the major factors that influences hair growth. When a person is under immense stress, their body releases cortisol excessively. This hormone, which is meant to reduce the body’s stress, negatively affects the growth cycle. It does this by suppressing the pilosebaceous and extending the catagen phase. Other stages are delayed when the catagen stage is extended, disrupting the hair development cycle. You can carry out stress-relieving exercises and activities if you are always under immense stress. Some of such exercises include medication, relaxation, swimming, and yoga. Also, get yourself out of stressful situations. It could be work, relationships, or your living environment. Change the situation to reduce your stress levels.

The Patterns Of Your DNA

Genetics is one thing you can’t escape and, to a large extent, correct no matter how hard you try. Everything about your hair, from its thickness, strength, and structure, is embedded in your genetic code. If your family has a history of hair loss, there’s a high chance that trait will be passed down to you. This is because genetics is the most crucial factor that influences hair loss. According to studies, men are more prone to inherit baldness from their parents than women.

Nutrients You Consume 

The type of meals you consume affects your hair development. When you eat foods that contain the right nutrients, your chances of having good hair may increase. Your primary focus should be foods containing vitamins B6, B12, A, and E, iron, zinc, and biotin. Such nutrients will nourish the pilosebaceous to promote healthy scalping. In case you don’t know where to find these nutrients, vitamins A and E can be found in sweet potatoes, spinach, and nuts. Iron and zinc can be found in meat, fish, beans, and grains. For foods rich in biotin, you can formulate a diet of eggs and nuts with some fresh garden vegetables. As you are trying to eat healthy, do not forget to always stay hydrated. Low body fluids can negatively influence your hair growth.


As you age, you will notice some parts of your body no longer grow as they normally do. One such body part is your beautiful, long hair. The older you get, the weaker your follicles. For over 80% of men older than 50 years, weak follicles are a result of an increase in their testosterone levels. This hormone triggers baldness in men, and there’s little they can do to stop it. For women, this baldness results from a decrease in the hormones that promote the growth of hair follicles.

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