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Jeunesse Cream Review – Check It Out Is It Effective Or Not?

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Jeunesse Cream Review – Check It Out Is It Effective Or Not?

Jeunesse Cream Review

Jeunesse is a French word that means the time when one is young. The name of the Jeunesse cream tells that it is a cream that helps the old people look young and attractive. One does not care about one’s skin during youth and considers every new change as a part of growing up.

Jeunesse cream

In twenties and thirties most of the people especially women try to take care of their skin to maintain its texture and glow. Thousands of people pamper their skins. When the people reach 40 plus they start searching for things that could help them maintain supple good young skin.

What Is Jeunesse Cream?

Jeunesse cream is one of the latest skin care products launched in the market that claims to make you look younger. Jeunesse cream is a perfect combination of natural ingredients that have a great impact on skin and have been in use for centuries to cure skin problems. The cream works wonders on your skin by penetrating deep inside your skin and make it firm. It has been helping thousands of people get young and well-toned skin.

Ingredients Of Jeunesse Cream

For the people who have been in search of a skin care product that is made with 100% natural ingredients then Jeunesse may not work for them as along with a number of naturally derived ingredients the manufacturer has used many inorganic items like preservatives, fragrances and even color. The following are some of the main ingredients that are a part of Jeunesse cream.

Water (Aqua)

Water is the ingredient that is hardly mentioned by a manufacturer but is a must use ingredient in most of the products. Though in a small quantity but use of water is a must in the making of most of the skin care products.

Sodium Silicate

Sodium silicate is not a natural product but it is present in most of the skin care products being manufactured all over the world. It is one of the important salts used to control the PH balance of the cream and protect the metal of the tubes from corrosion when it is packed. It is a safe ingredient but in people with sensitive skin types it may cause irritation.

Magnesium Silicate

Magnesium Silicate is a natural mineral derived from clay; it works as a thickening agent in most of the skin care products. As it is a natural ingredient it does not have any adverse effects on the skin.


Addition of preservatives in cosmetics and skin care products is a must to increase their shelf life. If all the products manufactured at the companies do not use the preservatives the products will expire real soon. Without the use of preservatives the business of skin care products and cosmetics will be the most expensive yet loss bearing or even a failure. It has many dangerous effects on human health like skin rashes, irritation, allergies and even changes in nervous system. These effects depend upon the type and quantity of preservatives used.


Ethylhexylglycerin is a natural preservative that has been in use for centuries as a skin conditioner and deodorant. According to most of the experts it is a safe remedy for skin but a few of them have linked it to dermatitis.


Argireline is the name of a peptide that consists of a chain of different types of amino acids that are also found in the neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for facial contractions.

Yellow 5

It is just another ingredient used In the Jeunesse Cream and a number of other products made by the same company. It is the most risky ingredient to add to the skin care products as it has a long list of side effects linked with its use.

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Benefits of using Jeunesse Cream

Though the market is full of over the counter skin care products that millions of people use across the globe, every product affects differently. Every human being has different skin type and needs the skin care that matches its type. There are many brands of skin care products that have failed to please their users to their expectations.

Jeunesse cream

Jeunesse is a skin care product manufacturer that has been able to make its place in the hearts and minds of people with their realistically good products. There are a number of important benefits that one gets from regular use of Jeunesse Cream.

  • The skin care product known as Jeunesse Cream is made with the best formula that helps in repairing the wrinkles that appear on your skin as you age.
  • Jeunesse Cream is very effective n removal of black circles under the eyes.
  • It is an effective product in reducing the blemishes and skin scars.
  • The Jeunesse Cream is an effective remedy for the fine lines that develop with different facial expression and become somewhat permanent as you age.
  • The ingredient used in the making of this cream known as Argireline helps relax the facial muscles and prevents the fine lines from forming.
  • Jeunesse Cream helps give your skin a glow and supple look and you appear years younger than your actual age.
  • It makes your skin soft yet supple and has a positive effect on your complexion.

Side Effects Of Jeunesse Cream

Every product being sold in the market has some negative effects as well as positive effects. If you study all the ingredients used in most of the high quality skin care products you might end you quitting their use. All the cosmetic products as well as skin care products need some preservatives, thickeners, and colorants.

  • The colors used in the making of skin care products are very harmful for the skin if used for long term.
  • The main ingredient of Jeunesse Cream called Argireline if used for long term may lose its effect.

Note: Before starting using a new skin care product it is always better to consult a dermatologist, and test the product in the inner side of elbow.

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