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Discover the ‘Instant Perfector’ That Substitutes Foundation and Concealer, While Gradually Diminishing Dark Spots as You Wear It

Instant Perfector


Discover the ‘Instant Perfector’ That Substitutes Foundation and Concealer, While Gradually Diminishing Dark Spots as You Wear It

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Discover the ‘Instant Perfector’ That Substitutes Foundation and Concealer, While Gradually Diminishing Dark Spots as You Wear It

When it comes to applying makeup, I have two different approaches. The first one, which only happens a few times a year for special occasions, involves spending an hour carefully creating a glamorous look, using contour sticks, brushes, and layers of eyeshadow. The second approach, which happens every morning in a hurry, consists of taking five minutes to apply mascara and some sort of complexion product to cover my acne scars before rushing out of the door.

All of this is to say that while I love the look and experience of wearing a full face of makeup, I don’t have the time for it. However, there’s something about going out into the world feeling put together that boosts my confidence and makes me feel like a real adult. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for products that can take my five-minute face to the next level. And my latest favorite is the Alleven Instant Perfector

Key ingredients: botanical compound, glycerin

Shades: 7


  • Concealer, foundation, and skin treatment all in one formula
  • Conceals spots and blemishes
  • Fades and corrects dark spots and signs of aging over time
  • Protects against broad-spectrum light
  • Water-, sweat-, and transfer-resistant


  • Limited shades available
  • Expensive

Now, I understand that $147 is a lot to spend on a foundation. But this product is much more than just a foundation. It’s a concealer, foundation, and skin-treatment all combined into one, saving you time and effort in your routine. And who doesn’t love a multi-purpose product? So, with some creative math, you’re actually saving money.

The formula contains a botanical compound that addresses three main causes of visible signs of aging: melanin (which causes dark spots), hemoglobin (which causes redness), and collagen loss (which leads to fine lines and wrinkles). As someone in their mid-30s dealing with all of these issues, I’m grateful to have found a product that tackles them without adding extra steps to my routine. I love that it instantly brightens and evens out my skin, and the fact that it continues to improve my skin even after I remove my makeup is a wonderful bonus. Plus, it offers antioxidant protection to prevent damage from free radicals, so it fights both current and future signs of aging.

Most complexion products infused with skincare properties usually provide minimal coverage and need to be paired with a heavy-duty concealer to hide discoloration. However, the Alleven Instant Perfector is a true medium-coverage, buildable product that can be used on its own. I like to apply it directly on my skin using the doe-foot applicator and blend it out with my fingers for a natural-looking finish. Despite the coverage it provides, it feels so lightweight that it’s almost like wearing nothing at all.

I’ve been testing the Alleven Instant Perfector during hot summer days and I can confirm that it lives up to its promise of being sweat and transfer-proof. Even on extremely hot afternoons, I don’t have to worry about my makeup melting off—this product stays on all day and nourishes my skin in the process. In the two months that I’ve been wearing it, I’ve noticed a real improvement in the appearance of my dark spots long after I’ve washed my face.

Although I may only have five minutes to do my makeup on a given day, this product helps me make the most of that limited mirror time.

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