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Zyntix Review (UPDATED 2020) – Best For Male Enhancement?

Male Enhancement

Zyntix Review (UPDATED 2020) – Best For Male Enhancement?

Zyntix Review (UPDATED 2020) – Best For Male Enhancement?

Zyntix is a male enhancement supplement made to improve sexual stamina, penis size and strength, orgasm intensity, and general sexual satisfaction. They include what’s claimed to be a maximum potency formula from organic and natural aphrodisiacs.

Changes in male enhancement are thought to come quickly and clearly, so one can have more confidence in the bedroom. By taking only 2 capsules every day and incorporating exercise and diet, they include how this will cause more energy and better endurance. They also claim this can be a proven formula which can have potent effects when used as directed.

By fully analyzing penile enhancement brands our inspection pros could pinpoint which was the best. Viritenz struck our inspection team as being very reliable as a result of its well-rounded formula and great customer reviews. It combines natural ingredients at high dosage strength without the use of cheap stimulants or fillers. To read testimonials and find out what produced Viritenz the best male enhancement of this year.


There is no full ingredients list and it’s not known what the dosage strength is. They do highlight some ingredients though it’s not known if anything else is included:

Boron Amino Acid Chelate Saw Palmetto Orchic Tongkat Ali
Nettle Extract Epimedium Wild Yam Extract Sarsaparilla

 Boron Amino Acid Chelate: A natural mineral that is used to improve thinking and muscle coordination. This can also help improve the intake of certain other minerals. has looked into this ingredient and they add it does appear to be effective at enhancing men’s health.

Read more about what the best supplements are for natural male enhancement change; review our experts top 10 list.

Orchic: An extract taken from the testicles of cattle, this is used to improve male virility. While it can have this effect, it’s important to ensure that the company which produces it secures it form a safe source, since it is extracted from cattle.

Tongkat Ali: An aphrodisiac plant that can promote the increase of erections and make it easier to remain fertile. Many clinical studies online point to it having these benefits, and has also confirmed it can have effects.

Wild Yam Extract: This plant is used by men as a way to make steroids, however this effect is not reliable and it must be tampered with in some way. Therefore taking it by its own won’t have any male enhancement benefits. It has also been used successfully for the improvement of women’s health, though it’s unknown if this can negatively impact men.

Nettle Extract: A plant used as a way to improve the prostate and provide diuretic benefits for improved urine flow. This is also used as an inflammation reducer.  By helping assist the prostate it can help stimulate more sperm production, and make it easier to have strong orgasms for improved pleasure.

It has also been used to improve joint pain and treat associated muscle discomfort.

Epimedium: Known as Horny Goat Weed this plant is used commonly in male enhancement brands due to its potential for male enhancement. This has been used traditionally within ancient Chinese medicine as a natural libido enhancer.  This has a compound known as Icariin which is known to help stimulate proper blood flow, which can translate into stronger erections. Because of these effects it is a common ingredient within male enhancement brands.

Sarsaparilla: This plant was commonly used inside of beverages and it is also used for performance enhancement. This can also reduce both inflammation and pain.

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While the majority of these ingredients are renowned for their ability to support male enhancement, there are issues with the lack of a supplements facts list. Without this important detail you can’t verify what the dosage strength is. This makes it impossible to know if the ingredients are added in sufficient amounts.

There is also no way to determine if there are any additional additives. This can include things like stimulants, cheap fillers, or unwanted preservatives. There is no way to verify what the full ingredients are, and though they claim some are organic, it’s not known of the ingredients would be considered organic.

The official website clams this is a proven formula, and they fail to give any evidence to support this. Because of the many answered questions, it’s impossible to know what can be expected from this.

Our review experts have outlined in detail as to what the year’s best male enhancement brands are of the year.


On the front page of their website they add that a sample bottle can be sent when you give your contact details. They fail to list the price until you read their terms and conditions which has a lot of difficult to read font.

They specify how you get 10 days of use with $4.95 of shipping and handling. Once this period is over you having to call and cancel, otherwise they charge $89.95, and sign one up to for $94.90 every 30 days. This is upheld automatically until one calls to cancel.  It is what is known as an automatic-renewal plan and it can lock people into contracts.

Stated here is that their terms and prices can change and that this can occur:

“without prior notice to you”

This is binding contract which is highly questionable considering the fact you don’t know what the full dosage strength or ingredients are.

The very best supplements for natural male enhancement support have been compiled in one easy to read list.


No official company name is offered but they do provide contact details:

Phone Number: (855) 724-3778

Address: 18627 Brookhurst St. #516

Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Email: [email protected]

It’s important to note that they only offer returns on a case by case basis, and that they do not sell individual bottles without customers having to accept their trial program. This is very misleading as their front page says they offer a sample bottle. It gives the impression one does not have to be tied to any sort of contract.

They make it impossible to simply purchase a bottle to try it. This trial program is often applied by scam companies. There are also multiple websites claiming to offer Zyntix or a variation of the name Zyntix, only to redirect to a completely different male enhancement brand.

These redirecting sites often only appear when the original creators either stopped making it, or if there have been serious issues which have caused them to go underground and avoid potential liability.

Click on this link to review a full breakdown of the most beneficial male enhancement brands.


Not much has been found about this brand online, here are select reviews:

“Worked good for me”

“does not enhance performance and it did not increase my size… don’t think it’s good at all”

“they are operating a scam do not trust this”

“Haven’t been refunded and I would not recommend anyone try this”

There wasn’t much good said about this supplement and most focused on giving h company a negative review. There were issues with the reoccurring fees which overshadowed what this supplement can deliver.

Only one review can be found online which was positive, with the rest being extremely negative.

Our top 10 list has a quick outline as to what the best supplements for male enhancement can do for overall erections strength and performance in the bedroom.


Because there is no mention of the ingredients list, most of the reviews focused on claimed scam practices, and the fact that there are multiple fake websites, there are serious questions about the legitimacy of this brand. There is one website which appears official, but they make it hard to trust their practices. They only offer trial programs which turn into automatic billing at an expensive price. They fail to cite any actual science to prove their claims, and they do not list the supplement facts to help determine what is possible. Because of all this lacking information it makes it impossible to trust anything said. Users also said they were scammed out of money and that they were continually charged without due notice.

The most impressive male enhancement brand of this year was discovered to be Viritenz. It has a blend of established ingredients that can help improve all aspects of male sexuality, including sex drive, improved blood flow for better erections, an increase of virility, and many other benefits.

There are many positive reviews and their official website also provides glowing user testimonials which reveal how effective it is. The makers are also reputable and they make sure their formula is produced within a FDA approved facility. To find out about the benefits Viritenz can provide, review their official website by clicking here.

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