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You Want Feel Better? Spend 20 Minutes Per Day For This!

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You Want Feel Better? Spend 20 Minutes Per Day For This!

You Want Feel Better? Spend 20 Minutes Per Day For This!

Do you feel the weight of stress on your shoulders at all times? Do you ever struggle to just make it through a stressful day? Are you always in search of ways to cope with and manage your stress? We all deal with stress as an inevitable part of life. Though you can’t make the stress go away altogether, you can most certainly find a way to minimize its impact. There are helpful ways to work through stress, and though they can be very personal, there are some common threads to explore.

You may find a tactic that works well for you and that’s what you want to hold onto. It may also help to focus on a few key things that help you in your time of need. You may even find that a true and total lifestyle change is what it’s all about.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to working through stress. It’s just about finding your stride or your outlet, and then being able to use it whenever the need arises. Some people may spend their whole lives finding effective ways to work through stress, and therefore you want to find yours now and use it to your advantage. For this is what will help you to be healthier, happier, more balanced — and then stress no longer wreaks havoc on your life ever again!

Exercise to Get Your Body In Motion

woman in headphones running up stairs

Yes, you are likely to resist this idea at first because it requires a lot of work. Sure, the last thing you may feel like doing when you are feeling stressed is exercise, but it can work wonders! It can help you to reset your focus and move towards what you really need in that moment.  If you are in the middle of a stressful situation it may be something as simple as going for a walk to get away from the problems you are dealing with.

If you make exercise a regular part of your life then you will not have to deal with stress quite as much. It may make the stress seem much smaller, or it may help it become less overwhelming. Exercise is a big part of a healthy lifestyle and it goes hand in hand with managing your stress as well. So, think about that the next time that you feel like you simply can’t deal with the situation that you are in. Just walking away and getting your body in motion can make a huge difference.

Hitting the gym before or after work helps tremendously as well. So too does exercising when you are in the midst of a stressful ongoing situation. Make exercise a regular part of your life and watch how the stress just dissipates. Whether it’s a formal exercise regimen or just getting the body in motion at the time of the stress, it can work wonders to help you reset and move forward with a positive mindset.

Deep Breathing, Visualization, and Meditation

woman meditating on the floor to relieve stress

This may sound silly to you at first but it really can work wonders. When stress is causing you to struggle or lose your way, then turn to the things that can help you to work through it. That may be something as simple as deep breathing. It may be that you need to get away from the source of stress and take a few long and drawn out deep breaths. If that offers you help then start there and you may even add to it moving forward.

It may be that you need to focus on something positive and use visualization as your tactic. So, as you are working through the deep breathing, try using positive thoughts and focus at the same time. Either can stand alone or work in combination. You may also add meditation, and this doesn’t need to be complicated either. It may be that you just take 20 minutes at the beginning or end of the day to focus on nothing but your breath and positive thoughts.

Though you might think that you need a formal process here, that’s not necessarily the case. It’s all about getting away from the stress and getting rid of the negative. Then you can find a way to usher in the positive thoughts and feelings. Deep breathing, visualization, and meditation can all help in this capacity and ensure that you can refocus much more effectively.

Make Some “Me Time” to Take a Break From Stress

woman with eyes closed listening to music

When the going gets tough sometimes you just need to take a time out. You may need to get a break from everything and that means that you need to take some time out for yourself. This can be just 20 minutes of doing something that makes you happy. It may be reading a good book, petting your dog, playing with your little one, relaxing a little longer in bed, or getting a manicure. There is nothing to say what brings you joy so just find out what your ideal “me time” is and then focus on it moving forward.

You are probably going to say that you don’t have time for “me time”. The truth is, however, that you don’t have time NOT to do it. You have a lot going on and you are stressed out for a reason. That means that you have to take time away from the source of stress. Turn to that outlet and that very thing that brings you joy. If you know you have a stressful day coming up, use it in advance to help you cope. There is always a way to work through things from the bottom up.

Though you might think that can cope on your own, you simply can’t afford to let the stress take over. That few minutes of time doing something that makes you happy will make all the difference in the world. It will help to lift you out of your funk. It will help you to cope with what is causing you stress. In the end the very thing that is causing you stress will subside and you will feel much more positive. Then you can instead focus on what really and truly matters.

Find Something or Somebody Who Can Lift You Up

two women walking bicycles side by side

Sometimes we all need a little lift, and that’s what you need to focus on here. The thing is that there is bound to be somebody in your life who can help. There is bound to be some sort of positive situation that can help you in your time of need. When the stress seems like far too much for you to handle, this is what or who you turn to. Again, this is your own personal path to success that you have to define, but it helps you when you get stressed out.

It may be a simple mantra that you post or keep with you at all times. It may be a poem or a positive affirmation, a phrase or a few words, lyrics to a song, an actual song you can listen to, or just something that lifts you up. So, when the stress hits (as it will inevitably do) then you can turn to this and use it to your advantage.

It may be somebody that you can talk to when you need a good pep talk too. It may be that you just need a simple few words with somebody you love and trust. Maybe you’re really lucky and you have an entire support system to help you through. Whatever the case may be, this is your person or people that you can lean on. You give them the same in return because life can be hard and we all need somebody who cares!

Give Back Because It Feels So Good

close-up of three women holding hands

Anybody can tell you that giving to others just makes you feel good. When time allows then you may wish to turn this into a more formal and involved thing. That may mean that you set yourself up with a charity that you can give back to. That may mean that once a month you do something at this charity or you give back to those in need in some capacity. There are so many wonderful ways to give back, and they all have one thing in common — they make you feel great!

The truth is that you aren’t doing this just for you though. You are doing this to help those in need. You are doing this to make others feel good. It takes the stress off of you when you are busy doing something charitable or kind. That’s another thing to consider — your act of kindness may be nothing more than doing something nice for somebody else. When stress strikes as it inevitably will, you give back or do something kind for somebody else.

It could be a small act of kindness like buying coffee for someone in line behind you. It could be saying hi and holding the door for somebody or something more formal like donating your time at a charity. Whatever it is and however you approach it, this is about what you can do for somebody else. This takes your mind off of what you are dealing with and puts it on something positive and important.

Find little ways of helping others when they need it. Then when you feel stressed out, you can turn to these methods and tactics to help you through. You can do whatever makes you feel good and gives back to society. What a wonderful thing it would be to turn your stress into a way of helping somebody who really needs it!

We all have our own stressful situations or circumstances, but it’s all in how you deal with it. This is about how you take care of yourself and find a way of turning a negative into a positive. There is really no limit to what this can be or how you can approach it. There is no right or wrong way of working through your stress. You have to know that stress is inevitable and it’s up to you to figure out the best way to work through it.

This is a very personal decision for everyone and therefore it’s up to you to focus on the things that will positively impact your life. If you can get to that point where stress no longer has a hold on you, you will be much happier and healthier!

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