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Xength X1 Review (UPDATED 2020): Worth Your Buy Must Read!

Male Enhancement

Xength X1 Review (UPDATED 2020): Worth Your Buy Must Read!

Xength X1 Review (UPDATED 2020): Worth Your Buy Must Read!

Xength X1 is a male enhancement supplement meant for potent results that over a three-month interval may result in hard, powerful, and lasting erections. Originally the first month offers greater girth and strong erections, the next month sexual endurance increases in addition to the look of the penis, and ultimately erection strength is enhanced overall.

They assert that within the previous 5-year span many managed to observe that an improvement in their erections and sexual performance. Countless physicians have seemingly recommended it in accordance with this official site. We looked at several nutritional supplements and for penile enhancement, Viritenz revealed the best potential for sexual enhancement. This operates by encouraging the entire body and helping it by overall virility and sexual functioning. To find out about what precisely makes Viritenz our best pick complete, click here for the exclusive inspection.

Xength X1 Ingredients and Side Effects

Xength X1

No supplements facts list is provided but they do mention that the following are added in unknown amounts:

Astragalus Epimedium Brevicornum Ginkgo Biloba L-Arginine Maca
Ginseng Extract Tribulus Terrestris Gelatin Microcrystalline Cellulose Magnesium Stearate
Silicon Dioxide Dicalcium Phosphate FD&C Blue #1 Titanium Dioxide

Astragalus: A kind of herb that is used to fight off infections, improve immune function, and support blood flow.

Epimedium Brevicornum: A common aphrodisiac ingredient most commonly referred to as horny goat weed. This has been used in Chinese medicine as a general tonic and blood flow enhancer. It is used in particular to support healthy erections and sexual health.

Maca: Common aphrodisiac herb that can help improve overall wellness including energy, mood, and overall sexual desire. It is often added to aphrodisiac and male enhancement aids due to its rich nutrients and well-established potential benefits.

FD&C Blue #1: Known as Brilliant Blue FCF, this dye is used only to give the appearance that the pills are blue. When consumed most of it is undigested, leading to blue stools. Concern has been raised that this may lead to issues such as DNA damage and ADHD.

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Xength X1 Quality of Ingredients

Despite the fact that most of the ingredients added to this are inactive and therefore not for male enhancement, there are some helpful additives in it. Maca, ginseng, Tribulus Terrestris, ginseng, L-Arginine, Astragalus, and Horny goat weed can all be effective at each in overall male enhancement.

The issue with the formula is that it’s unknown what the total dosage strength is. Without this highly important piece of information there is no way to determine if it is going to be effective enough.

If small amounts of each ingredient are added then it means that consumers will not be able to experience lasting results. So even though many of the ingredients do have the potential for results, there is no way to know if this can be relied upon more so than other many brands. Much of what is included in the formula is common to so many other brands that it makes it hard to know what the difference is, especially when the dosage strength is unknown.

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The Price and Quality of Xength X1

There’s conflicting information about this brand. Because there are 2 websites, both of which use the same company name, it’s unknown which has the up to date price.

One site only has an auto-renewal plan offered, and another sells a bottle with shipping and handling for $100.98. The problem with this high price is that there is no mention of the ingredient strength, so it’s impossible to know if it is any better than the other brands available.

This is a significantly high price to pay for what are commonly used ingredients especially when they add unnecessary food coloring which can potentially lead to side effects.

Xength X1

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Business of Xength X1

Their official company name is Driftwood Ventures Ltd; to contact them they provide the following details:

Phone Number: (888) 507-8618

Address: 6919 W. Broward Blvd P.O. Box #113

Plantation, FL 33317

Email: [email protected]

Their hours of operation are 1pm to 1 am GMO Monday through Saturday. There is no information about them outside of their own official website.

A 30 day money back return is offered from the date the supplement was ordered as long as shipping and handling is paid, and the bottle is resend within 15 days of reaching out to the company.

On one website consumers have to pay initially a  £5.99 price for shipping and handling, which is in pounds and when converted to American dollars is $7.90 at the time of this review. After 16 days of this an automatic £99.99 auto-renewal plan is provided every 30 days.

To stop this form continuing consumes must call to cancel. £99.99 is $131.90 currently. They do not allow for single bottle purchases which is a very questionable sales tactic. When companies only offer this kind of payment plan it often means that they are only interested in securing a contract with companies to ensure that they have to continually pay. Many scam companies take advantage of consumers who use this, and it is often difficult to escape from. The common practice of this often leads to:

  • The inability to contact the company to cancel
  • A lack of a money back return for already sent back product
  • Having to wait to get your money back, or being continuously charged for months.

Similar companies use this to ensure that consumers have no legal means to go against the company if they try and cancel early, before the auto-renewal plan begins.

One other major issue is that for unknown reasons they either have 2 official websites, or one of them is a copycat site which is not to be trusted, it’s impossible to know for certain.

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Customer Opinions of Xength X1

Here are select reviews found online:

“Trued using an entire bottle and there were no results at all”

“Don’t buy this it had no change at all for me”

“Such a ridiculous worthless product that you can take. This is so expensive and not worth it at all it did nothing”

“A total scam this cannot be trusted at all don’t but it no matter what”

Only 10 reviews are available and though 5 of them were generally positive, the negative review were extremely negative. This was because many failed to see any changes at all, even the consumers who decided to up the dosage.

One major issue came from a customer who said they were scammed out of money and that they did not honor their claimed money back return policy. They said that in order to cancel a $35 fee is applied, which is not in the terms and conditions.

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Conclusion – Does Xength X1 Work?

This male enhancement pill is similar to so many other brands we’ve reviewed, a lot of great claims are made but the questionable sales tactics and highly negative reviews make it seem less than favorable. Many said that it was not worth it at all and that it is overpriced and ineffective. One consumer complained about being scammed which is typical for companies like this which offer an auto-renewal plan as opposed to individual bottle purchases. The company also has a lot of claims about how this supplement can work, but they have failed to provide any sort of evidence. The claims that it can produce great results over a 3 month period is not backed up by a clinical study, so there is no reason to believe they are telling the truth.

Out of all the many male enhancement brands that our review team has looked at, Viritenz was their top pick overall. The reason being is due to its high dosage strength formula, use of only natural ingredients many positive user experiences, and the all-around potential benefits. The way it works is through an herbal and nutrient rich formula which can improve libido, decrease fatigue, improve mood, and stimulate blood flow.

This helps the body to be better stimulated so there is less of a chance of unwanted sexual fatigue or a lack of sex drive. The company produces this in a facility that is considered GMP approved, meaning that 3rd party inspections are held to ensure the consistency of the formula strength and purity. We have provided more information on Viritenz that you can read about by clicking on this link.

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