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Why Does the Cost of Whitening with a Philips Zoom Lamp Differ in Dentistry?

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Why Does the Cost of Whitening with a Philips Zoom Lamp Differ in Dentistry?

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Why Does the Cost of Whitening with a Philips Zoom Lamp Differ in Dentistry?

A dazzling snow-white smile like that of a Hollywood star is the object of envy and dreams of so many people. A dentist who has a Philips Zoom whitening lamp will be able to make his patients happy and give them that desired smile. A completely painless and relatively short procedure that works wonders in just 3-4 sessions of 15 minutes each (up to 1 hour in general)!

Philips Zoom whitening lamp: how it works and what it is

Philips Zoom is one of the most effective and safe whitening products available today that keeps teeth white and beautiful for a very long time. This is a cold glow lamp that activates the whitening gel with its luminous flux. A special chip starts and controls the duration of the whitening process, which is designed for only 4 sessions of 15 minutes each. One patient will need 3 or 4 sessions for whitening, depending on the condition and structure of the tooth enamel. That is, the whitening process with a Philips Zoom lamp takes about 60 minutes.

The standard set of Philips Zoom includes the following elements:

  • microchip;
  • whitening gel;
  • whitening gel activator;
  • ASR relief;
  • retractor IsoPrep;
  • Oil with vitamin E;
  • gum protection;
  • napkins, rollers, containers and other consumables.

How to reduce the cost of whitening with an eternal chip

In order to successfully whiten the teeth of patients, it is necessary to spend money on the maintenance of the lamp, and the most expensive item of expenditure in this regard is the microchip that starts and controls the whitening process. Bleach Infiniter enables every dentist to significantly reduce their Philips Zoom whitening lamp costs by offering an infinite chip that always shows the number of whitening cycles available – 4! Installing such a chip is quite simple – you do not need to chip the lamp for this. Just remove the old chip, and install an infinite one in its place, and the cost of whitening with a Philips Zoom lamp will be much cheaper for you! It works like a native chip and will always show 4 available whitening cycles.

You can order an infinity chip for the Philips Zoom lamp on the Bleach Infiniter website. The manufacturer promises that it is guaranteed to serve you 1 million cycles. Here you can also purchase all consumables for the Philips Zoom whitening lamp.

More info about activator for Philips Zoom advanced power on site:

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