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What The Science Says About Keto Weight Loss Pills?

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What The Science Says About Keto Weight Loss Pills?

What The Science Says About Keto Weight Loss Pills?

Are you thinking about the Ketogenic diet for fat loss? The meal program is one of the most popular ways of getting fit right now. If you first start looking into it, then you’re likely to find ads for Keto tablets. Supplement manufacturers claim to assist you to lose weight quickly, but can you trust? Why not read our Keto weight loss pills review to find?

What Are Keto Weight Loss Pills?

Following the Keto diet has just one goal — to put your body into the Ketogenic state. When you restrict your carb intake to no more than 50g per day and follow the instructions, it could mean that your body passes ketosis, a state which helps you burn fat.

Research published in the British Medical Journal suggests that this type of diet can help to support weight reduction. Meaning that if you follow the diet carefully and lead an active lifestyle, then you need to lose extra weight. Before we look at a Keto weight loss pills review, let’s first take a minute to discuss what these pills are. When there are many different supplements on the current market, most people find it really hard to comprehend exactly what they’re purchasing. These pills fall into two major categories:

Keto weight loss pills for weight loss on a tape measure
There are two main types of Keto weight loss pills: ketone salts and ketone esters.

1. Ketone salts

As the name suggests, these types of Keto pills for weight loss contain salts, such as sodium and calcium. The beta-hydroxybutyrate ketones are bound to the salts. You can get these supplements in a powder or tablet form, depending on which you prefer.

2. Ketone esters

Esters are flavor compounds.[3] When
you buy ketone esters, it will be a mixture of both these compounds and the
previously mentioned beta-hydroxybutyrate ketones. These specific supplements
tend to take a liquid form when you buy them as they are.

When you read any Keto weight loss pills review online, the chances are that that the reviewer is speaking about one of these supplements. Often enough, the supplements are offered in pill form, which means that they are easy to digest. It also means that the pills contain the correct dosage of ketones, according to the manufacturer.

The basic theory here is simple enough: If you can achieve weight loss on Keto, you should also be able to lose weight using Keto advanced weight loss pills too. The pills put ketones directly into your body and increase the amount in your blood. That mimics the Ketogenic state, which you are trying to achieve on this diet. Since ketosis is linked with weight loss, mimicking it should help people to shed some pounds.[4]

However, as a word of serious caution, you should remember that this is just a theory. Currently, there is a severe lack of evidence when it comes to whether you can use Keto pills for weight loss. Brands such as Keto Advanced Weight Loss Pills make big claims about their success rates. However, you should look at the science as well as our Keto weight loss pills review before making any decisions about whether to use them.

Keto Weight Loss Pills Review:
Do They Actually Work?

Now that you understand the theory behind using these pills for weight loss, let’s get down to the facts. To create a rounded Keto weight loss pills review, we’re going to look at what the current research suggests. Here’s what you need to know about the pills.

1. Keto pills may increase
your ketone levels

A pile of different Keto weight loss pills

Needless to say, a core part of the Keto pills for weight loss theory is that the supplements increase your ketone levels. There is some evidence to suggest that this may be the case.

Research published in the US National Library of Medicine suggests that consuming the ketone ester supplement may be a safe way for people to increase the ketone levels in their blood.[5] However, the same study also stated that some “gastrointestinal effects” were reported by participants when taking the supplement with milk.

2. Higher ketone levels may put
you into ketosis

A woman holding two Keto weight loss pills and a glass of water

Now that we know that taking these pills could elevate your ketone levels, we need to look into what that means. Another study published in the US Library of Medicine suggests that this supplementation could help athletes shift into ketosis.[6]

That may mean that taking Keto pills for weight loss is effective as it changes your metabolic state. The results showed that participants did not need to follow the Keto diet for this change to happen.

3. Ketone ester may reduce
your appetite

A woman taking Keto pills for reduced appetite

Keeping your appetite in check may be a real challenge when you first start out, especially since you’re adopting a new way of eating. The ketone ester supplement could help by suppressing your appetite when you start taking it, according to one study in the US National Library of Medicine.[7]

In simple terms, that means that you will be less hungry when you take the supplements on a frequent basis.

4. They may hinder fat

Woman eating Keto pills on a plate

The aim of the Keto diet is to help support weight loss. However, a spike in your ketone levels (caused by pills) may mean your blood becomes too acidic. Your body may slow down its natural ketone production to prevent this problem.[8] In theory, this would mean that taking the pills is pointless as it won’t make a lasting difference to your levels.

As you can see from this Keto weight loss pills review, there is some science to back up the notion that the pills can help you slim down. However, there is not a wealth of research in this area by any means. Keto pills are quite new to the market, which means that the research necessary to back up many of the claims is not there. What’s more, it’s not clear how these supplements will affect the Keto plateau, which hinders many people.

What Are the Possible Side
Effects of Taking Them?

Woman in her kitchen pouring Keto weight loss pills into her hand.

As with any supplement, you may find that the pills cause side effects. When you read a Keto weight loss pills review online, you should pay close attention to this issue. Let’s take a moment to look at some of the disadvantages of taking Keto diet pills.

  1. Gut discomfort
    Do you have a stomach ache? People who take ketone esters may find that they suffer gut discomfort, according to research in the US National Library of Medicine.[9]
  2. Nausea
    One thing that the average Keto weight loss pills review may not mention is nausea. Research suggests these supplements may lead to bouts of sickness.[10]
  3. Diarrhea
    Similarly, one of the most unpleasant side effects of taking Keto pills could be diarrhea. In the previously mentioned study participants also reported this symptom as well as cases of mild flatulence.[11]


The jury is still out on whether Keto weight loss pills work. As we have covered here, there is some research in the area, but more is needed. Should you want to take the pills, make sure that you are aware of the side effects and speak to a medical professional first.

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