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Weight Loss Tips With Negative Calorie Food

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Weight Loss Tips With Negative Calorie Food

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Weight Loss Tips With Negative Calorie Food

You might be thinking how can a food have not zero but negative calories ;). Lolz :P, ant food item can’t have negative calories.

What are Negative Calorie Foods?

The foods that burn more calories in the process of processing and digestion as compared to the number of calories that they contain – are termed as Negative Calorie Foods. Let me elucidate –

10-15% of the calories that we get from the foods we eat , are used in the process of digestion. The body needs energy to breakdown these foods and absorb nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals etc present in the food. Where does his energy come from? Simple answer -From the food we eat.

There are certain foods that require lots of energy(calories) to break down and get absorbed. If these foods contain low calories, from where would the body derive energy to digest them? In such case, the body is forced to use the stored fat for digestion of food.

If you eat negative calorie foods, a calorie-deficit is created which can help you lose weight. Does that mean you could burn more calories by eating a chocolate followed by a cucumber ? Not really. Its the other way round. Eat cucumber first so that there is minimum space for chocolate.

I knew only a few negative calorie foods but recently got to know many. These foods will help you make better choices what to include and avoid in your meal plans.

Negative Calorie Fruits

Negative Calorie Vegetables

Please add to the list if you know more about how to Lose Weight With Negative Calorie Food

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