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Weight Loss And The Gimmicks Of This Service Industry

Weight Loss

Weight Loss And The Gimmicks Of This Service Industry

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Weight Loss And The Gimmicks Of This Service Industry

Let me start with the rules of the airline I was in. Weight checks were conducted every two months, with only a 2 kg allowance over the prescribed weight limit. Anything more and you cannot fly till the weight is gone. Also, the other mistake all airlines make is that they see the number on the weighing scale and do not take into consideration muscle to fat ratio, etc. However, things have improved now with the grooming department taking into consideration the BMI, fat to muscle ratio, etc.

However, weight check time is terrible for everyone except for the genetically blessed souls! (oh how I hate them all lol).The flight food can make any person put on weight in a month due to the presence of maida and baking soda in the meal. Also, odd timings wreak havoc on your system.

And that leads people to desperate measures. I too followed them all. I took diuretics to flush out water weight from the body. It was a terrible thing to do and I knew it. But the fear of losing your payor getting grounded is more. I would invariably puke out atlas 4-5 times after I resumed eating normally.

The second was a crash diet a week before the weight checks were due. Again, this weakened my immunity and I  was prone to coughs and cold all the time.

The effects of the abuse my body took are still present in bits and parts. I seem to have developed perennial dark circles and I am more prone than others to coughs and cold.

Also, these kinds of desperate measures make a person look flabby and dull rather than fit and toned. The body fat percentage shoots up as the body goes into starvation mode. Hairfall, Dark circles, sallow skin are a part and parcel of unhealthy weight loss. It’s good to be fit, but great to have your health and be fit:)

However, common sense finally prevailed and I started working out regularly and followed a healthy diet. Slowly the weight came down and my health improved.

We can see that the quick fix method rarely ever works. If there really was a quick fix, people would never be fat in the world.

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