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Use These 6 Essential Oils To Fight With Wrinkles

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Use These 6 Essential Oils To Fight With Wrinkles

Use These 6 Essential Oils To Fight With Wrinkles

Incorporating essential oils for skin in your daily routine helps you combat the symptoms of aging. Specifically, using the very best essential oils for skin tightening can help counteract those pesky fine wrinkles and lines that give away your age. You may try using these oils across the places that require special attention, like your neck as well as on your face. With time, you’ll notice your skin feeling elastic and business. As the best essential oils for skin tightening perform their magic, your skin will feel more sterile and revitalized — also will not give away your age any longer!


Raw frankincense used in essential oils for skin tightening

Frankincense is one of the best essential oils for skin tightening because of its ability to reduce inflammation and remodel skin tissues.[1]

That helps your skin rebuild cells and become more elastic. It aids in repairing that loose skin that you’d like to feel tighter (often found around your neck). Not only that, but the anti-inflammatory properties can help to reduce wrinkles. This allows your skin to feel smoother and more youthful.

In one study, frankincense increased blood flow in rats, suggesting a similar effect in humans.[2] Increasing blood flow to your skin cells is crucial because it helps oxygenate them and take away toxins, like free radicals, that might harm their work. Thus, allowing your skin cells to continue building new cells that are healthy and will promote tighter skin.

Frankincense oil comes from the Boswellia
sacra tree and maintains an earthy, subtly sweet and musty aroma. It works
great when added to facial moisturizers. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that
using this oil on your face will aid in any blemishes or acne too![3]


Bottles of lavender essential oil bottles for use on wrinkles

Lavender is a multi-use oil that can target skin aging in a few different ways. It has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties.

Basically, it improves damage done by free radicals, which contributes to your skin aging and losing elasticity. Research shows that the cellular regeneration effects of lavender oil on the skin also supports healing scar tissue.[4] This can help rebuild the scarred skin so that it’s less noticeable and less tough. Then, it can easily tighten and heal.

As an added bonus, lavender essential oil soothes the skin from irritation and pain too.[5] It’s one of the mildest essential oils, so you’re less likely to have a skin reaction to it.[6] Plus, it’s also one of a few essential oils for skin tags that can help remove them. The subtly sweet floral aroma of lavender makes it ideal to add to your daily routine.


Dropper full of geranium essential oil next to a geranium flower

Geranium essential oil is packed with antioxidants. So much so that this oil is anti-cancerous in addition to being one of the best essential oils for skin tightening.[7][8] The antioxidant abilities of geranium help open skin pores and clear up oily skin.[9]

So, it’s great to use on your face in a homemade cleanser, or applied on your neck or chest. But that’s not all, geranium also has preventative qualities. In one study, researchers proved that geranium oil has sun protection qualities.[10] This helps protect your skin from harmful rays, as well as repair any previous cell damage.[11] We could all use a bit of sun protectant to help skin cells stay healthy and hydrated.

You’ll find
geranium oil in plenty of cosmetics and fragrances. This is not only for its
health benefits but also for its sweet and flowery aroma. You can use geranium
oil to target the parts of your skin that are more oily and droopy, such as
your neck, chest, and face.


Rosehip essential oil great for eye wrinkles next to a sprig of fresh rosehip

Don’t be fooled by rosehip oil’s flowery sounding name — this oil packs a punch! It’s already used in the skin aging industry for its ability to fight wrinkles and improve elasticity.[12]

In fact, rosehip oil even has trial studies demonstrating its power. In one study, patients used rosehip oil over 8 weeks and it greatly improved their eye wrinkles and skin hydration.[13] Rosehip oil has also been shown to improve the strength of the skin’s barrier.[14] This helps make it more stretchy, hydrated, and able to fight against toxins and damage.[15]

Rosehip oil comes out by pressing wild rose seeds, a similar process as citrus essential oils. It can be used as a carrier oil in combination with other essential oils, or on its own. As mentioned above, don’t mistake rosehip oil for the flowery plant. It smells more woodsy than rose-like, but blends well with other oils to make a variety of smells.


Jojoba carrier oil bottle next to a pile of jojoba seeds

Just like rosehip oil, jojoba is a carrier oil that has a light, nutty smell. You can use it alone or as a base for blending with some of the other best essential oils for skin tightening.

Jojoba has a number of skin benefits, one of which is hydration. This contributes to its anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties.[16] The National Eczema Association even recommends jojoba oil as an alternative treatment method.[17]

In addition to its hydrating effects, jojoba oil can rebuild skin fibroblasts.[18] Your fibroblasts are responsible for formulating collagen, one of the best assets to combat skin aging. Along with this, jojoba has properties that can speed up the way your fibroblasts form collagen.[19]

This will increase the speed at which you can rebuild and tighten your skin. Try using jojoba oil with some of the other oils on this list or some of the essential oils for sagging skin. It’s great in combination because it actually boosts the absorption of whatever is applied with it, making it an ideal base oil.[20]


Bottle of pomegranate essential oil for wrinkle-free skin next to two fresh pomegranates

Pomegranate oil is incredibly powerful and acts as an anti-aging agent for the skin. First, it can help build a thicker epidermis skin layer, helping to protect your skin cells from outside damage.[21]

Next, its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are great for reversing sagging skin and stretch marks.[22] Additionally, it can help your cells collagen formation and protein synthesis, which will keep your skin hydrated and wrinkle-free.[23] All of these benefits can aid in tightening your skin by making your cells healthy enough to reduce fine lines and increase elasticity.

As an added bonus of using this oil, you’ll reap the benefits of pomegranate’s chemo-preventative agents against skin cancer.[24] Not only that but because this oil helps your skin barrier, it also helps with the appearance of lines and dark marks too.[25] So as your skin tightens, you’ll see the color even out as well. Pomegranate oil goes well alone or with other oils. Because the smell is nutty and dull, it’s less likely to overpower other oils you use and is great in a blend.

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