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Top 5 Lifelong Fitness Tips From an Olympic Gold Medalist in Swimming


Top 5 Lifelong Fitness Tips From an Olympic Gold Medalist in Swimming

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Top 5 Lifelong Fitness Tips From an Olympic Gold Medalist in Swimming

Judy Young is a swimming sensation who continues to dominate in the pool at the age of 96. She has recently achieved remarkable success by winning seven first-place medals and setting six age-group records in various events such as backstroke and freestyle.

Young’s love for swimming dates back to her childhood, and she has been swimming for over five decades. However, it was in the late ’80s when she began competing seriously, both locally and nationally. To this day, she remains dedicated to her sport, training regularly at her local YMCA and participating in competitive events.

Having maintained her fitness and drive for swimming over the years, Young graciously shares her top five tips for leading a long and healthy life.

1. Stay Active Every Day

Young stresses the importance of staying physically active on a daily basis. She credits her quick recovery from surgery to her active and healthy lifestyle.

2. Balance Aerobic and Strength Training with Adequate Rest

Young recommends incorporating both aerobic exercises like swimming and strength training such as weightlifting into your fitness routine. She advises being patient with recovery to prevent injuries and ensure long-term fitness.

3. Embrace Outdoor Exercise, Particularly Walking

Young advocates for outdoor workouts when weather permits, highlighting the benefits of walking for cardiovascular health and mood improvement.

4. Prioritize Mental Fitness

In addition to physical exercise, Young stresses the importance of mental fitness through activities like playing cards, reading, or solving puzzles to keep the mind sharp.

5. Find Joy in the Process

Young’s final tip is to find enjoyment in your fitness journey. She emphasizes the importance of choosing activities that you love, like swimming, to make staying active a fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle choice.

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