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Top 5 Hair Removal Methods Your Can Try At Home


Top 5 Hair Removal Methods Your Can Try At Home

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Top 5 Hair Removal Methods Your Can Try At Home

Whether you are gearing up for summer or simply enjoy a smooth approach to self-care; unwanted body hair can sometimes stop you from enjoying the finer things in life. No matter whether you prefer smooth legs all year round or perhaps have areas in which you struggle with unwanted hair; then take a look through some of these hair removal techniques or methods to help you feel confident in your new bikini or just everyday life.

We have gathered five hair removal methods to which you can experiment with and apply in your self-care routine and see which works best for you. Some of these methods you might not have heard of which is exactly why we recommend trying it out. So without further ado, or should we rather say, without further unwanted hair, let’s get into it:

1. Sugar Me Smooth

We are not wasting any time in getting into our first hair removal technique which surely seems sweeter than the ouch-factor of waxing. Sugaring is an ancient Middle Eastern technique that has slowly crept into the hearts and homes of many who have struggled with finding less painful ways of removing unwanted hair. With a combination of sugar, lemon juice, and water; creating a somewhat sticky paste. Spread your homemade sugar paste evenly over the areas such as bikini lines or legs and ensure you apply the paste in the opposite direction of your hair growth. By doing so, you ensure that the paste and natural ingredients attach to the hair follicles tightly; giving you a close removal of the hair – similar to waxing without all the tears. There is no need to use any strips to remove the paste as the consistency provides the ease to pull off directly. Your pantry hosts all the ingredients you need, so nothing stops you from showing off those sugary smooth legs now.

2. Less Is More With Laser Reduction

For some, having smooth legs all the time is not as much of a priority but rather having less hair in general, especially in uncomfortable areas, is important for confidence and comfort. In this case, we recommend researching and looking into laser hair reduction or laser therapy. Commonly understood, laser hair removal is not designed to permanently remove unwanted hair and let it be a thing of the past forever; but rather to minimise the hair growth and stimulate a more gradual grow back. Women and men all around the world have opted for laser hair reduction as a solution to excess body or back hair or simply in areas which are always in the public eye. Make sure you approach a specialist when considering this option because although there are no real side effects of laser removal, you want to make sure you are taken care of by people who know best.

3. The Electric Shave

Now we realise that shaving and razors have been the most convenient and practical solution for many out there but luckily, as we evolve, so does technology. Shaving can sometimes cause unnecessary cuts and stubble if not done correctly or if perhaps you have yourself a blunt razor or one that does not suit your shaving style or self-care routine. Which is why we recommend investing in a modern design for electric shavers.

With so many great options out there, you can select the ones which work for your budget and your preferences. We have done our research and found that the OGLF’s top choice is Panasonic. With high quality blades and a waterproof shaving buddy, you can rely on a smooth solution for those unwanted hairs as you adjust the settings for various areas and get that summer body looking good.

4. Thread Away

Here is another Middle Eastern technique which has made our list, as there are still quite a number of people who don’t quite know about it. So if you find yourself raising an eyebrow; here is how it works. Typically, this technique is focused more on the eyebrows, upper lips, cheeks and chin but some have been known to use it across their entire face. We all have our preferences but we must warn you, threading is not entirely for the squeamish. If you don’t mind a little bit of the ouch-factor then why not try this method. Using a cotton thread, the thread is twisted around the areas and wraps around the hair follicles. With a simple twist and flick of the wrist, the hair is pulled out from its root. You can either opt for handing over the reins at a beauty salon or you can simply learn this ancient Indian method yourself.

5. A Gentle Approach

Last but of course not least, is the gentle approach of using hair removal creams. This is simply a method used by many who simply do not enjoy the pain or discomfort associated with some techniques but perhaps who just prefer certain products over others. Either way, there are many reliable brands that can offer a painless solution to unwanted hair. The way hair removal creams work is that the ingredients, whether chemical or natural, soften the hairs from the roots and as you let the cream sit for the allotted or prescribed amount of time; you can then effortlessly wipe away the hairs. Simple, quick, and of course – for many, painless!

So there you have it. A combination of the known and maybe not so known methods and techniques of how you can get rid of unwanted hair, according to what you prefer. Getting ready for a day out with friends at the beach or perhaps cleaning up for a date; either way, you won’t need to worry about unsightly hairs cramping your style or confidence. Find a hair removal solution that works for you and spend more time enjoying the things you love most without having to worry about how your legs look, those unshaped eyebrows, or even for our men; struggling with excess body hair is a thing of the past. Get the clean-shaven look you have always wanted without all the hassle and fuss.

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