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Top 10 Benefits Of Papaya

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Top 10 Benefits Of Papaya

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Top 10 Benefits Of Papaya

Yo,! I am back with another “Health Benefit” post. This time it is none other than my favorite – Papaya. Why favorite ? You might ask !

  • First, its filling. Whenever I feel full and don’t have space in my tummy for dinner, I splurge on Papaya.
  • Second, Papaya is available all the year round, no seasonal nakhras at all :P.
  • Third, it is a negative calorie fruit. Read about Negative Calorie Foods here.

10 Health Benefits Of Papaya

1. Its great for skin and hair. I love Biotique Papaya scrub. Lolz, this beauty infection I have got from my friends.

2. Low in calories (just 39 Kcalories/100 g) and contains no cholesterol.

3. Rich source of phyto-nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

4. Papaya has essential B-complex vitamins – Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-1 , Folic acid and riboflavin. These vitamins are much needed since they play a very important role in metabolism.

5. Potassium is another goodie in Papaya – 257 mg per 100 g. I won’t repeat how important is Potassium ! If you have not read, read it here in another post.

6. Rich in Vitamin A and C, hence prevents small diseases like cold n flu. Papaya might not taste citrus, but yes it does have lots of Vitamin C !

7. Boosts immunity

8. Its Fibre ! That’s why its filling.

9. Promotes digestion. If you have constipation, include 3-4 slices of papaya in your dinner and you will have normal bowel movements. No chi chi allowed on this point ?

10. Keeps cancer and heart diseases away !

Are you waiting for me to say Papaya is great for weight loss ? It’s a big YES ! Look at the nutritional value of Papaya !

Do you swear to eating Papaya ? ?

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