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Tips To Maintain A Lovely Bright Smile On Your Face


Tips To Maintain A Lovely Bright Smile On Your Face

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Tips To Maintain A Lovely Bright Smile On Your Face

Keeping your teeth looking white and bright can be easier said than done. Even if your teeth are healthy overall and you know that you don’t need to get any work done, there are several lifestyle habits that you might have fallen into overtime that can seriously stain your teeth, like smoking or even drinking a lot of coffee and tea. Thankfully, there are several solutions that you can put in place in order to keep your teeth looking and feeling their best at all times and help you maintain that bright white smile.

Daily Hygiene

Keeping up with your daily dental hygiene routine is one of the best things that you can do for whiter and brighter teeth. You can even get electric toothbrushes with special rubber bristles that will help to scrub away any stains on your teeth and give you a better result from each brush. For optimum results when cleaning your teeth, opt for an electric or sonic toothbrush, which tends to be much better at getting to all those hard-to-reach places and far more effective at thoroughly cleaning your teeth compared to a manual brush. You should also floss your teeth at least twice per day with dental floss or interdental brushes to get in between the teeth too.

Get a Professional Clean

While there are loads of at-home tooth whitening products that you can use, nothing quite beats the results that you get with a professional scale and polish from your dentist. If you are looking for a new dentist, consider Kiss Dental, a top-rated dentist in Manchester that offers a range of treatments to improve the appearance of your teeth. If you want to book regular cleans, Kiss Dental have “Denplan” which is a monthly membership option to help ease the costs. You can then look at treatments ranging from a simple scale and polish to professional teeth whitening treatments. Not only will a good scale and polish leave your teeth looking nice and white again and feeling squeaky clean; it will also give them a really good deep cleaning and help to prevent decay and cavities.

Quit Smoking

If you are a smoker, you’ll know that it’s pretty much impossible to get your teeth to stay white. Sure, they might look whiter after a scale and polish or even after cleaning them yourself with whitening toothpaste and a good toothbrush, but the next time you have a cigarette, they will probably start to look yellow again. Quitting smoking is one of the best things that you can do for your teeth – and not just in terms of appearance; smoking can also increase your risk of decay, oral cancer and many more issues. If you need help to quit smoking, speak to your doctor who can refer you to a specialist team. You might want to try nicotine replacement therapy options like vaping, nicotine gum or nicotine patches.

Avoid Staining Foods and Drinks

There are certain foods and drinks that are more susceptible to staining your teeth than others. These include red wine, tea, coffee, and gravy. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying these from time to time as they will not actually damage your teeth and the stains can easily be scrubbed off by your dental hygienist, it’s best to try and avoid them if you are concerned with maintaining the bright white shade of your teeth in between appointments.

Whitening Toothpaste

There are several different types of whitening toothpaste on the market today, all claiming to give you a gleaming white smile, but the truth is that they are not all created equally. Some of them actually work, and you can notice a difference within a week or so of use, while others will barely make a difference. Ask your dentist which whitening toothpaste they recommend and read some reviews before you make your choice. Bear in mind that whitening toothpaste that contains abrasive substances should not be used every time you clean your teeth since they can damage the enamel.

Whitening Treatments

Finally, there are several different types of tooth whitening treatments that you might want to opt for. LED tooth whitening is the most common, and this is usually a quick and pain-free procedure that can be done by any good dentist. You will have a whitening gel applied to the teeth before an LED light is shone onto them for some time. There are also kits that you can get which you can use at home to do much the same thing, however, bear in mind that much like whitening toothpaste these do not always work effectively so it’s a good idea to do your research and figure out which one will be the best option to invest in before you part with your money. Your dentist might also sell at-home tooth whitening kits that they recommend.

So many things can stain your teeth and leave them looking less than white, but the good news is that you don’t have to simply put up with stained teeth.

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