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Tips To Increase Your Running Stamina

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Tips To Increase Your Running Stamina

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Tips To Increase Your Running Stamina

When my baby was 6 months old and I was struggling to lose weight, and I thought of running. I went for a day and after fifteen minutes I came back. I found running seriously difficult and wonder how these people run for so long. I spoke to one of my husband’s friends who had participated in many marathons. As per her, I need to build up stamina and do more cardio.

I wasn’t able to follow that without any guidance. Running on a treadmill for 15 minutes in one go was boring and neither I had the stamina to do it. I decided to commit myself to aerobics which I enjoyed and was comfortable doing.

How To Build Up Running Stamina – Tips

I have subscribed to many fitness sites and one day I saw this running schedule which trains one to run 30mins continuously in eight weeks. I don’t remember which site it was as I just saved the schedule and didn’t bookmark the post. So if anyone of you knows of any such site please share.

It had been two weeks since following the schedule and I found myself running for  30 minutes continuously with just one-minute break in between. I was the same person who couldn’t run for five minutes continuously. This running schedule actually worked for me. I will share the schedule here.

We always think people get it easy but people really work hard for what they achieve. That was quite sometime back when once I asked Gul Panag to give tips on stamina building and this is what her reply was. This was in 2013.

I still can not think of running 5kms and Gul Panag can actually run 10km in an hour. How amazing is that! I really wish I reach that level of fitness one day.

Coming over to my fitness level, I haven’t lost much of kgs but I am feeling fit and more energetic. In fact, when I was running for half an hour, I was not tired but just a little bored. I was looking at the timer thinking how many minutes more running is left ?

I also joined Zumba classes and after my first class, I found it awesome. Something much more interesting than a regular mundane workout. Although I can’t attend the class regularly whatever I did, I had a lot of fun.

I clicked this picture then and I today when I see it I find that I had lost more weight from my belly area. Although I still have a long way to go I am glad that all those notions of having a C section and never able to lose weight from the belly are completely false. If you work for it you very well can.

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