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Tips To Boost Your Metabolism Gradually

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Tips To Boost Your Metabolism Gradually

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Tips To Boost Your Metabolism Gradually

Boosting metabolism is an integral part of every weight watcher’s struggle! Some people have a genetically fast metabolism, I hate all of them, LOLz ;). Generally, men have high metabolism than women and they tend to burn more calories than women. Metabolism is governed by genetics, sex, and age. We can’t control any of these factors but there are some of the Best Ways To Boost Metabolism. Let’s find out.

Increase your Workout Intensity

The key is, to high metabolism is to push yourself. High-intensity workout assures a bigger and longer increase in metabolism than regular intensity workouts. Please read about HIIT here and here to know more about intense workouts.

Don’t reduce your calories

If you cut out too many calories, your brain thinks that you are starving and goes into conservation mode. This causes a major drop in metabolism level. The trick to lose weight is to eat enough to match your resting metabolism.

Make Water your Best Buddy

The body needs water to process calories. People who drink 8 or more than 8 glasses of water burn more calories as compared to those who drink less water than 8 glasses. Even if you are even mildly dehydrated, your metabolism may slow down.

Keep Grazing

Eat small and frequent meals to keep metabolism high. Do not cut your snacks, instead keep grazing on healthy snacks like nuts.  When you eat large meals with a gap of many hours, your metabolism slows down between meals.


Omega-3 fatty acids help in increasing metabolism because they balance blood sugar and reduce inflammation. Those who love Fish will never be deficient in Omega-3 :). Read about Omega 3 fatty acid here.

Spice in Life ?

Spices like red paprika contain chemical compounds that can gear up metabolism. You can find the list of foods that help in weight loss here.

Say Hello to Tea/Coffee

Tiny winy caffeine boosts your metabolism through the stimulation of your central nervous system. Make sure you do not overdo tea or coffee. Too much coffee can cause gastric issues, troubled sleep, and irregular heartbeats.

Bye Bye Trans Fat

Trans fats also slows down your body’s ability to burn fat. They cause insulin resistance which results in weight gain. These do all kinds of harm to your body.

Adopt Organic

Fruits, vegetables, and grains with pesticides slow your fat-burning system. Our bodies are not meant to digest chemicals and toxins. Adopt organic or homegrown fruits n veggies as much as possible.

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