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Why Sex Is So Healthy For Your Married Life

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Why Sex Is So Healthy For Your Married Life

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Why Sex Is So Healthy For Your Married Life

The discussion on how much sex married couples should have is a tricky one. Sex is a sensitive topic, and how much sex married couples need should be relative.

What is fulfilling for you and your spouse will determine how much sex is appropriate in your marriage, and communication is essential to ensuring that both partners are happy afterward.

This article will cover everything there is to know regarding how much sex is healthy in a marriage.

How Much Sex Is Healthy In A Marriage?

According to a survey, most married couples of this age engage in sexual activity 54 times yearly or once weekly. The survey indicated that partners who engage in sex once weekly are happy and more satisfied than those who don’t. Nevertheless, the amount of sex a couple should have relies on the partner. It depends on their desires and how often they wish to express them.

So, there’s no direct answer to this. Numbers are irrelevant when it comes to married couples and sex.

You should keep the communication line open and have sex as frequently as possible, as the desire leads. Spouses’ sexual satisfaction is what matters most in marriage.

Is Daily Sex Good For Married Couples?

There is no such thing as putting a number on how frequently married couples should have sex. It depends on the husband and wife’s physical, mental, and emotional availability.

On average, some married couples might engage in sex daily, while some will only do that occasionally.

Sexual behavior varies among individuals, so no specific number of sex holds for everyone. It solely depends on the couple’s preference.

Is Planning Sex Appropriate?

Sex is impulsive and motivated by an urge, but it does not mean that married couples cannot plan it. Scheduling sex often is good and helps couples bond more, especially when overwhelmed by family and work responsibilities.

Planning sex increases anticipation, which can also help to spice things up in marriage. As a couple, you can set the mood in the morning and anticipate a sex session later in the evening.

Is There Another Way To Please My Partner Sexually

There are other alternatives to sex aside from the penetrative aspect. Sex should not be only about foreplay and penetration.

Married couples should also explore unconventional sexual activities and add sex toys to make things intriguing, see more here.

Does Regular Sex Provide Any Health Advantage?

Casual sex has both psychological and physical advantages. It aids sleep which has health benefits.

In addition, regular sex boosts intimacy and closeness and helps married couples bond. Married couples should have sex regularly.

Aside from the health benefits, sex also gives a sense of wellbeing that can strengthen the immune system.

Does Sexual Intimacy Have Benefits?

Sexual connection is essential in marriage, not merely for sexual passion but also for bonding. Sexual intimacy helps married couples to communicate their sexual desires.

Also, the hormones released in the body after sex improves mood and helps the body to relax.

Final Words

No one can put a number on the amount of sex that is healthy for married couples – it depends on the individual’s desires and how much they want it.

Married couples should have sex when the need arises. It also has some health benefits.

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